10 Great Brands to Follow on Instagram for Social Media Inspiration


An engaging, ongoing social media presence continues to become more and more important in today’s business world. If you’re a digital marketer, it’s absolutely essential to use social media to keep your customers in the loop and grow your audience.


Along with platforms like Twitter and Facebook, Instagram is one of the social media heavyweights that your brand should be utilizing on a regular basis. You need to cover all of your social media bases because your target demographic will likely use a range of platforms and applications to follow their favorite businesses.


Just because you own a business doesn’t mean you’re a social media expert, so you might want a little help along the way. There is a right and wrong way to use platforms like Instagram, and you want to make sure you follow the right steps.


A free and simple way to do this is to look at established brands that engage their followers and continue to expand their fanbase. If you could use some inspiration for your social media profiles, keep reading and learn about 10 of today’s great brands to follow.



It hasn’t run hotels and motels out of business quite yet, but Airbnb has become a go-to option for many frequent flyers. Airbnb lets people share or briefly rent out their homes to travelers, which gives people the opportunity to immerse themselves in foreign cultures while still having the comfort of living in a home.




Even though the service is already well-known, the Airbnb team understands the importance of keeping their clientele close through social media engagement. Their goal is to help people visit new places, see new sights, and meet new people, and their Instagram account focuses on this philosophy.

The Airbnb Instagram displays pictures of exotic and unique homes around the world and even includes links to these types of places in their posts, linking beautiful content with real possibilities for customers.



Another brand that most people are already familiar with, Nike, is unique in that they use multiple Instagram accounts to connect with their fans and followers. Nike advertise overarching campaigns on their main page but get more in depth with specific products on their more targeted accounts.





Followers of the main Nike Instagram page will see multiple posts congratulating the Nike-outfitted French national soccer team for winning the World Cup, but if you check out USNikeFootball on Instagram, you will find much more targeted and specific plugs for American Football cleats, gear and Nike-signed players.




The MLB Instagram page is one of the most engaging, and you’ll notice that every post has tens if not hundreds of thousands of likes and plays. Each post also has hundreds of comments, which means followers are absorbing the material and discussing it with each other.






The MLB uses Instagram to promote upcoming games, celebrate anniversaries and achievements, and offer their take on how the season is going as a whole. They post a handful of times each day, which is enough to keep fans of different teams engaged but not so much that it comes off as spammy.  Most importantly, they RESPOND to their fans’ comments and keep the conversation going, added motivation for fans to engage.


National Geographic

Some of the most incredible photographs in the history of the art form come from National Geographic - some can be found in the pages of their magazines, but many can also be seen on the “NatGeo” Instagram.




These photographs feature exotic landscapes, animals in their natural habitats, and people from different cultures going about their days. The shots are all of professional quality, and they’re all accessible to different types of people. With this aesthetic appeal and accessibility, social media engagement comes naturally.


Nature Valley

It may come as a surprise that a granola bar company makes the top 10 list for Instagram engagement, but that’s all the more reason you should pay attention to Nature Valley’s Instagram. This page is incredibly engaging, and it also features user-generated content.




Nature Valley is all about exploration, adventure, and of course, nature. This Instagram posts photographs and videos of people enjoying the outdoors, and it features celebrity cameos from the familiar face of Dax Shepard as well.



Fortunately for Playdoh, their product lends itself to creative Instagram posts. They show off unique Playdoh creations and even incorporate stop-motion animation to bring their doughy art to life.




With all the colors and creativity associated with Playdoh, adding animation makes it even more difficult for followers to scroll by without stopping and taking a look. They also make use of hashtags—especially around certain holidays—to make their posts more visible to those who don’t already follow the account and may be searching for holiday gifts.


The company does a great job of representing its brand through social media, keeping consistent with their image and appealing to their loyal fanbase.



One way to stir up some interest in your Instagram account is to show how your products are used and what can be made with them. Adobe does exactly this by exclusively posting content that real users send in.




They display artwork made by their customers to show what real people do with their products, which encourages viewers to activate their creativity with Adobe’s help. It also serves as a source of inspiration for artists and editors who might be at a creative roadblock.



Running television ads isn’t the only way to advertise another television show. Social media can be just as helpful for a TV program as it can be for any other type of product or service, as evidenced by several FX shows.




Archer is an animated comedy known for its characters’ silly antics, but it’s also a force to be reckoned with on Instagram. Their posts are just as silly, so they stay true to their brand—and their followers stay true to the show.



One of the biggest brands on Instagram is also one of the newest. Mené is a high-end jewelry company, and they’ve put together an Instagram audience of over 23,000 with under 100 posts to their page.




They primarily post portraits modeling their jewelry, and they teamed up with Anja Rubik for a boost in exposure. However, they also show their support for the charities they care about, giving their customers something else to latch on to.


Tito's - Vodka for Dog People

Tito’s Vodka has an official Instagram account as well as an offshoot account called Vodka for Dog People. You can tell by the name that it focuses on two things: vodka and dogs. With this account, Tito’s hopes to spread awareness of pet homelessness.





Brand ambassadors who already love Tito’s Vodka share pictures of pets that are in need of adoption or have recently been adopted, with Tito’s products featured in the image. This creates an association between Tito’s Vodka and a humanitarian cause, inspiring more follower engagement.



If your Instagram page isn’t bringing in the likes, plays, and comments you were hoping for, there are plenty of ways to find inspiration.


These 10 brands have mastered the art of Instagram engagement, and studying what they do and don’t do will help you craft your social media strategy.


Remember that there’s nothing wrong with looking at other brands’ Instagram pages to give yourself a creative boost, just make sure you adapt these strategies to fit your own brand and your own fanbase.


With a little research and some trial and error, you can create an eye-catching profile that Instagrammers can’t help but follow.


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