2D Videos: An Effective Marketing Strategy for a Business


Entrepreneurs and business owners are putting their very best effort to develop a satisfying product or service. They often put their heart and soul towards making their business a success. But even the most exceptional and effective product or service can still fail unless they are promoted properly. Modern technology and the online world has opened doors of opportunities and strategies towards effective and successful marketing. Among the varying ways of effective marketing, the use of 2D videos is one of the most recommended marketing practices by successful entrepreneurs.


2D videos can help give your brand or business a spot to be recognized by the target customers. It makes the brand attractive through simple and engaging platforms. If your business intends to sell or promote a product, promoting it through 2D videos to a large pool of potential customers is an effective practice. In short, this mode of promoting a brand has an equation: Engagement + 2D videos = Sales.


Defining 2D Videos

2D videos refer to digital art, which makes use of characters, shapes, photos, music, and video clips. Like 2 dimensional art, 2D videos have height and width, which makes the product much more effective and engaging to see. 2D videos are mostly used in creating clips for advertisements, videos, and other forms of media that can be used in marketing purposes.

Now, let us discuss the reasons why using 2D Videos is beneficial in marketing and business.


2D videos visualization


Benefits of Utilizing 2D Videos


1. Effective Engagement with Customers

Nowadays, people are mostly engaged with various social media sites and online platforms. Modern technology has brought people a lot closer to each other. However, according to a recent survey, one-third of online activities are being spent watching video content. This, concludes that using 2D videos as a marketing strategy of business will be effective.

Lots of potential customers can be engaged with the business effectively. 2D and animated videos can be a great companion towards increasing the sales and popularity of the business.


2. Helps to Stand Out AMONG Competitors

Digital marketing has been an effective and most used way of competitors to promote their products and services. Using 2D videos as a marketing strategy can help a business to stand out among competitors. Fresh and unique ideas can be applied that will further result in a satisfying and overwhelming increase in fame and sales.


3. Boost SEO

Considering 2D videos as part of your marketing strategy can bring varying positive impacts on your business. Not only do customers love 2D videos but Google loves them as well. Creating and using unique 2D videos can help improve the rank of your business in Google Searches. This can also result in generating leads towards a successful business.


4. Boost Conversion Rates

Not only do 2D videos engage and attract your customers, but it can also inspire them to be more interested in purchasing your offered product or service. This can increase your conversion rates. Whatever the offered product or service may be, 2D videos can make it truly an exception. Explainer Video Proudction companies do their best to boost the conversion rates of their client’s websites.


5. Makes the Product Understandable

Often, some customers find it hard to understand and relate to an offered product. This leads to the loss of their interest and trust to purchase it. Given this, using a 2D video in marketing your product even in the simplest way can make it possible for the customers to understand it easily. With this, promoting a product or service with 2D video can be way better than other strategies. Just make sure to include all of the necessary information such as contact details and links to drive the potential customers eventually on your business.


6. Saves Money and Time

Marketing strategies nowadays are rapidly increasing, but some of them are way too expensive. Fortunately, using 2D videos can help save you money and time.  2D videos are cheaper yet have the quality to impact the potential customers. Unlike other marketing strategies, 2D videos can be used for a longer time and only needs little updates on its processes and graphical contents. Why would you settle for an expensive yet disappointing marketing strategy when you can make use of 2D videos?


Video marketing visualization


7. Wider Scope of Marketing

Before, marketing and promotion of products to a wider scope could be too expensive and hard to accomplish. But now, where modern technology and online platforms have been a part of every individual’s living, a wider scope of marketing can be achieved easily and effectively. 2D videos can be spread on varying online platforms and social media sites such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. This can be shared with billions of potential customers across the world. This will eventually lead to an increase in sales and popularity in the local and world market.


8. Brand Development

Brand development had been easier and way more effective with 2D videos. Using this can generate more leads and ideas towards making the business better until it had reached the top. Brands using 2D videos can reach a wide scope of potential customers which then leads to their development in varying aspects.


9. Bring Ideas to Reality

Making a 2D video or animation is not an easy task. It needs fresh and unique ideas to make it stand out among other competitors. Ideas can be brought into reality by applying it to the creation of 2D videos. These ideas can be the key to the continuous development of the brand towards reaching success.


10. Impress the Potential Customers

2D videos are truly attractive and engaging with potential customers. Application of exceptional ideas in making a 2D video can impress potential customers. This can then lead to an increase in sales and demands coming from the impressed and well-informed customers.

Digital marketing and promotion of products or services have been a lot easier through using a 2D video. This marketing strategy has brought a lot of benefits to the business, which helps it to move forward and reach success.

How about you? Will you settle on your typical marketing strategy? Why don’t you try using 2D video and be impressed with its exceptional benefits not only to your business but also in your life?

This is a guest post by Aaron Connolly, Animation Explainers 
Aaron’s passion for video explainers began as a young man. He saw the animationexplainers.com URL up for grabs… and the rest as they say is history. Aaron has a passion for technology and efficient processes making sure the whole video explainers engine at Animation Explainers runs smoothly for every single client on our books. Aaron always ensures that your own vision for an explainer video is translated by our skilled team into reality. Aaron’s calm and cool attitude means working with our team to create an animated explainer video is always seamless and a joy.

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