3 Amazon Reimbursement Claim Templates to Get FBA Refunds Faster


By now, you’ve probably encountered numerous issues selling on Amazon. Some of the common pitfalls include customer returns that can’t be resold as new, running out of inventory, and failing to acquire traffic for new product launches.


You might also be aware of another Amazon FBA problem. The other FBA problem you should be aware of is a problem with fees. Due to Amazon’s high level of sales volume, problems are bound to happen. Unfortunately, sellers often get overcharged for FBA fees or customer returns. When you discover an error in your account, you need to submit a claim to Amazon. 


These Amazon reimbursement claim templates will guide you when you need to contact Amazon Seller Central support, the next time you discover a discrepancy in your account.


Tip before we proceed: You’ll notice that these templates (created by the expert FBA Account Auditors at Refunds Manager) are very short. There’s no need to be verbose! When you’ve double-checked that the issue is legitimate, and waited an appropriate amount of time for reimbursement, you should request a refund in the simplest, most concise way possible, and include a CSV file with your findings. Dollar visualization

The Customer Was Refunded More Than They Were Credited

When a customer is refunded more than they were credited in their original purchase, it will be at the cost of your brand. So how do you handle this? 


What this issue is:

The issue with customers getting refunded more than they were charged is that the cost is coming out of your pocket, not Amazon’s. For example, it could be that the customer accidentally gets refunded the amount of two units, yet only purchased and returned one. Or they were refunded a higher sales price than the cost of the item at the time that they purchased it.


Where to find this issue:

This issue can be found inside of the Settlement report, in the reports section of your Seller Central dashboard. It is important to be on the lookout for customer refunds that are higher than the original purchase price. 


Template for requesting reimbursement:

If you can please check order #...  which was refunded {Price Amount} more then the total amount we were credited for this order. This extra amount should not have been deducted from our account balance.     


Thanks for looking into this issue!


Overcharged Commission Fee

The next problem that you may need to submit a claim for is an overcharged commission fee.


What this issue is:

An overcharged commission fee means that instead of being charged the commission fee for one category—say 8%—you’re wrongly charged for a different category—maybe as much as 15% per item. 


Where to find this issue:

You should be asking yourself, what is the commission fee for each category and what am I actually being charged? You can discover this issue inside of the Settlement report by checking the commission fee for every SKU. If you find an issue for a SKU, you then need to go back and download all sales from that item for the past 18 months as a CSV file and attach it when submitting your claim. 


Template for requesting reimbursement:

The following item is under the 8% commission category but we were charged on many orders 15%. I attached a file with all the orders and the amounts overcharged.


Dollars with laptop


What to do when the customer receives a refund, but you do not receive the items back.

As mentioned, customer returns make up the highest amount of FBA issues, because they are so common. The more volume, the more room for error.


What this issue is:

With this particular issue, the customer has received a refund, but you never received the item. 


Where to find this issue:

You can find this issue inside of the Returns report. You’ll need to look for customer returns that were debited from your account and check the Returns report for items that weren’t actually returned. 


Template for requesting reimbursement:

The customer has received a refund for the orders in the attached file, but we have not received the items back. 


Please Check Following Order#


I cannot find any reimbursement from Amazon for them and its past the 45-day window it should have been reimbursed. 


How to save time on reimbursement claims

Using templates to request reimbursement can save you a ton of time. But finding the issues is far more time consuming than writing the claims. Unfortunately, there are no templates for that. What you can do instead is either train an assistant to help you discover them or pay a service to find the issues for you. 


If you choose to work with a service, here’s what to look for:


  • Only submits claims manually (never automated)
  • Uses software to find more errors than the human eye
  • Wait for Amazon to reimburse you before submitting requests


Those are the most important factors when deciding to work with an Amazon reimbursement company. There are so many better ways for you to spend your time: sourcing, branding, marketing, scaling. It makes sense to outsource the unfun grunt work whenever you can.


With a 5-star average on Trustpilot, Refunds Manager is the top-rated Amazon reimbursement service. Since 2012, Refunds Manager has served over 9,000 US-based Amazon sellers with its unique combination of smart technology and outstanding service. Learn more and sign up free at RefundsManager.com.amazon listing optimization ebook



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