What Is Amazon Air?


With so many people depending on the online shopping giant all year long, Amazon is exploring every option to keep up with growing demand. This includes the rollout of Amazon's cargo airline Amazon Air.


There are many ways to ship goods across the country and around the world and Amazon utilizes all of them. To further increase their reach and shipping efficiency, they now own and operate an airline exclusively for their brand. That means Amazon will be better able to get your products to you as quickly as possible, even during the most hectic times.


Amazon is one of the biggest names in e-commerce and online sales, and it’s become a trendsetter as a result. This project has changed and will continue to change the way Amazon operates, and customers, businesses, and Amazon itself will reap the benefits.


NOT Amazon Prime Air

The project was originally called Amazon Prime Air, but it later shortened to Amazon Air. It’s important to note this difference because Amazon Prime Air is now the name of a drone-based delivery concept that Amazon has not yet officially launched. Amazon Air refers to the cargo airline that ships its freight.


Amazon Air started with the decision to lease Boeing jets in 2015. Since then it’s ramped up its efforts with a fleet of over 40 aircraft, and its headquarters at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport.


Amazon air plane and drones



The Amazon Air fleet is made up of over 40 Boeing aircraft and manned by three operating teams. There are a total of 18 Boeing 767-200SF planes and 26 Boeing 767-300BCF planes now at Amazon’s disposal. This large fleet of freight-shipping planes represents Amazon’s commitment to getting customers their products quickly and efficiently.


Hero for the Holidays

When it comes down to crunch time, you look to delivery companies like FedEx and UPS to get your packages to you on time. You also cringe at the thought of one of your precious packages being damaged in transit and the ensuing struggle that would be the return process. Amazon hopes to keep their customers’ stress levels to a minimum, even during hectic times like the holidays.


Waiting until the last minute to buy holiday gifts for the family automatically creates a stressful situation, but sometimes you don’t really have a choice. Amazon Air wants to stop you from freaking out when you realize you only have a couple of weeks to get most of your shopping done.


Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who find themselves in this boat toward the end of the year, which is why delivery companies get so congested. Freight transportation businesses only have so much space for cargo before they have to go back for another load, and the queue is always long.


With Amazon’s large fleet of cargo airplanes dedicated to delivering Amazon products, there’s much less clogging to deal with. Amazon has plenty of space in each of their Boeing aircraft to ship anything you can buy or sell on the platform. All transported cargo goes exclusively to Amazon customers. You won’t see any competition from people who use other websites and existing delivery services, so you can expect your products to ship safe and sound.


On the business or seller end, it’s advantageous to see your customers get their products in a timely fashion. Speedy shipping and fulfillment mean customers leaving positive reviews and higher social proof for your brand. Plus, you get to see to it that the transaction is completed from start to finish and rest assured that your customers are enjoying their goods.


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Looking to the Future

In the short term, Amazon has plans for daily flights and package sorting based out of a new facility in Wilmington, Ohio. The cargo fleet also recently expanded to Miami International Airport in Florida. Amazon Air’s impact on consumers, e-commerce sellers, and the business world itself will continue to grow along with its fleet. Now knowing it’s possible, other large entities may adopt their own fleets to facilitate more efficient shipping.


New Projects, New Jobs

Online shopping is easy for the consumer, but that convenience comes at a price. While it might be easy for you to click a button and wait for a package to arrive, there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes.


Ignoring the process of designing and manufacturing the products, it still takes a great deal of work to get the package from point A to point B. Once the order is placed, the product may be shipped from a warehouse to a local sorting center. This requires package handlers and trained pilots, as well as dispatchers. At the sorting centers, workers will sort out the products so they can be sent on their way. Packages usually sent to individual doorsteps through a service like UPS, where they’re signed for and left with the recipient.


Every step Amazon Air takes comes with new opportunities, including brand new jobs. Amazon will need contractors to build new hubs around the country and (and eventually the world), technicians to work on their fleet, and pilots to fly the planes—and they’ve likely got a lot more aircraft to go before they’re finished.


Amazon shipping hand


Impact on Latin American Trade

Every country deals with its own economic struggles, and some regions show signs of great promise. Latin America looks to become more involved in the world of e-commerce, which makes Amazon’s decision to partner up with the Miami International Airport all the more promising. No other airport in the United States sees more freight shipped to Latin America and the Caribbean, making Miami International a kingpin of international commerce. This puts Amazon in a good position for expansion, and it’s a good sign for global e-commerce as a whole.


What Amazon Air Means for You

Now that you know all about Amazon Air’s fleet, its brief history, and its potential, how exactly does this information apply to you as a business owner? If Amazon is your primary platform for running your business, then you’re probably already familiar with the plethora of tools they give you to increase your brand exposure, network with other buyers and sellers in your niche and keep your day-to-day running smoothly. So what does their fleet mean?


As you may have gathered by now, the fleet of aircraft will make Amazon even more efficient for e-commerce. With all the extra cargo space, Amazon Air allows for more efficient deliveries, and your customers won’t have to wait to receive the products they order.


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