What You Need To Know About The Amazon Business Seller Program


Amazon has long been a staple of the online marketplace, and for good reason. It’s constantly flooded with traffic, it’s a reputable name in the industry, and it gives sellers and buyers the tools they need to create a well-rounded online shopping experience. The Amazon Business Seller Program is just one of the many tools that are available to online businesses.


Businesses and customers turn to Amazon time and time again because of how easy the platform makes the process of online shopping. Amazon is to thank for new business relationships on top of the countless transactions. Many online sellers use Amazon exclusively for their businesses. The Business Seller Program aims to maximize these opportunities, especially when it comes to B2B sales and relationships.


If you want to understand and tailor the consumer’s side of the experience and take your online business to the next level, here’s what you need to know about the Amazon Business Seller Program.


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What It’s All About

The goal of the Amazon Business Seller Program is to help online companies sell to other businesses as well as everyday customers. Businesses and individuals don’t shop the same way, but how do you tailor your online store to customers and other businesses at the same time? The Business Seller Program lets you have the best of both worlds.


Amazon has tried to make things easier for B2B commerce in the past, but their ventures haven’t all been as successful as they’d have liked. The Amazon Business Seller Program fixed the problems with its predecessor, Amazon Supply, by combining it with the traditional Amazon platform. This way sellers can appeal to other businesses without alienating individual customers, and vice versa.


Amazon’s program makes sellers’ products readily available to registered business customers that specifically search for business sellers. The process and mechanics are the same as they are with normal Amazon buying and selling, and the features still apply too; this means you’ll still want to shoot for the top of the first results page.


People who shop for a business tend to buy in larger quantities, and the Amazon Business Seller Program lets you optimize your page to attract either businesses or individuals. You can change up your buying options by offering bulk deals or combination listings, and you can change your content and pricing depending on who you’re trying to pull in. You can also show off your credentials to let potential buyers know you’re a trustworthy source.


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How It Helps Your Business

  • More Exposure.

Being able to market your products to two types of consumers is extremely beneficial, and it maximizes the amount of networking you can do. Amazon is already a hotspot for everyday online shoppers, but companies looking for B2B sellers specifically turn to Amazon Business to find the products they’re looking for in the quantities they need. The Amazon Business Seller Program gives you a platform to highlight your brand as a whole and let the world know what you have to offer. More exposure leads to...


  • Bigger Market.

When you put your products in front of traditional consumers and other businesses, you have two large pools of potential to dip into. Use the Amazon Business Seller Program to get into these markets and make connections. You may even find another business that uses you as a supplier, benefiting both parties as well as their customers. The more attention you get from people who could possibly need what you sell, the more conversions you’ll make.


  • Better Representation with Credentials.

Smart shoppers do a little background research before they make a purchase, and not just regarding the products they’re buying. They don’t want to throw their hard-earned money away, so they look into the sellers as well. This is especially true when it comes to B2B commerce.


Show your customers they can trust you by displaying your credentials through the Amazon Business Seller Program. Let everyone know how trustworthy, diverse, or long-lasting your company is. Customers can filter their search results based on these credentials, so it’s wise to take advantage. You’ll have to take pictures of your credentials so you can prove them to Amazon.


  • Customized Pricing.

When you sell in bulk, customers expect to pay less per unit as they order higher quantities. Business Sellers can offer customers discounts on bulk orders, and they’ll enjoy lower fees for larger transactions. This helps sellers with their profit margins and creates savings for business customers.


Notable Features

  • Tiered Fees

  • Exclusive Offers

  • Productive Customization

  • Enhanced Product Listings

  • Personalized Profile


Getting Started

You need to have a Professional Selling Account and access to Seller Central to take advantage of the Amazon Business Seller Program. You also need to meet certain credentials that differ from selling normally, which Amazon states as:

  • Low pre-shipment cancellation rate (less than 1%)

  • Lower late shipping rate (less than 2%)

  • Low order defect rate e.g. few A-Z claims, returns, and/or chargebacks (less than 0.5%)

  • Tracking number on every business order package

  • Packing slip with every business order package

  • Purchase order number with every business order package when provided by the customer

If you fit the description, you’re a good candidate for the program. All you need to do to get started is to create your business profile, furnish it with your credentials, and add products to your catalog to start selling.


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Making the Amazon Business Seller Program Work for Your Business

The Amazon Business Seller Program can propel your business to the next level, but you need the know-how to get the results you want. Here’s a quick look at how you can make the most of the opportunity Amazon gives you.


Seller History — Since you can use your Amazon Seller account for both standard consumers and the Business Seller Program, having a good-looking seller history is doubly important. A deep history shows that you’ve been active for a long time and can make you seem more trustworthy to clients. Your history goes hand-in-hand with your credentials, which you should also be listing.


Advertising Campaigns — Part of the upside to using the Business Seller Program is the increased exposure, but you should be making an active effort to direct traffic to your page on your own. Use social media accounts, email lists, and outside influencers to bring customers in on your own. Combined with the extra exposure you’ll get with an upgraded profile, you’ll run into many more opportunities.


Use Amazon Business Discounts — Bulk orders make life easier for everyone. Since the Business Seller Program puts you in front of people who want to place large orders of your product for their companies, you’d do well to entice them with quantity-based discounts. This also helps build up customer loyalty and paves the way for ongoing relationships.


You need to reach out to every corner of the market to be as successful as possible, and you can make the challenge a little easier with the Amazon Business Seller Program. Use your customized profile to display your credentials, and you’ll look that much more appealing to businesses in your market. Take advantage of bulk order discounts so you can reward customers for buying in larger quantities, and keep in touch with your new connections.

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