7 Tools to Streamline Your Amazon Keyword Research (for Amazon Selling Professionals)


Discover The Most Profitable Keywords on Amazon

Amazon sellers that are looking to increase product views and sales should definitely be taking advantage of the competitive edge that using keyword research tools provides. Believe it or not, keywords can truly maximize your profitability.


Sellers who take their Amazon SEO seriously, reap the benefits. Before you can optimize your Amazon listing and using enhanced branding, you must first find the keywords to do so.


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Amazon SEO in a Nutshell

Taking the time to optimize your Amazon product listings by using SEO will result in more traffic to your listings, a higher ranking on Amazon, and increased conversions.


Amazon keyword finder tools are designed to help you boost your product views and sales organically by implementing SEO for your product listings.


Amazon, like Google, is a search engine that indexes the content that is stored on its site for easier searches. The stronger your presence is connected to common searches, the more likely you are to get those site visits and conversions.


Let’s take a look at some of the behind-the-scenes components that Amazon and keyword research tools use to index and retrieve products from customer searches.


Still not convinced? Here are some of the major benefits of keyword research:

  • Improve product search visibility
  • Increase seller ranking
  • Increase conversions
  • Save time & money
  • Generate more traffic
  • Understand your competitors


There are also different varieties of keywords to keep your eye out for, such as negative and foreign keywords. Having a full scope of this before moving into the research itself will help you build a better foundation for keyword exploration!


Online Tools to Help with Keyword Research

The following 7 tools are designed to boost your Amazon seller productivity which will, in turn, increase your conversion rates. Using a keyword research tool will let you know exactly what search terms to use when adding your products to Amazon’s database.


(Note: Not all of the tools listed here use the LSI indexing method to return keyword data.)


1. Sonar

Sonar presents keyword research with results that are based directly on the search strings and queries initiated by Amazon shoppers. This first-hand data provides keyword researchers with a unique perspective on the direct queries of Amazon shoppers from a seller perspective and lets sellers know which products are hot and in demand in real-time.


The Sonar tool helps researchers optimize product listings to reach a larger (and more relevant) target audience by placing the keywords that customers are searching for into the description of Amazon products. The sonar keyword research tool provides researchers with first-hand insights on what customers are interested in buying on Amazon and what products are trending.


2. Scientific Seller

The Scientific Seller Amazon keyword research tools prides itself on being one of the best (and free) keyword tools for Amazon sellers.


Unlike other Amazon keyword research tools that promise to deliver faster queries, Scientific Seller uses a slower query method that continuously searches the Amazon database (by customer query)  in order to return a longer list of relevant keywords.


Scientific Seller delivers more in-depth results to Amazon Sellers by running longer queries that can last for hours or even days. This scientific keyword research tool uses LSI methodology to extend the reach of its tool beyond that of some of the other Amazon keyword tools available.


3. Viral Launch

This paid cloud-based Amazon keyword research tool is one of the first to come to mind when it comes to improving Amazon SEO for sellers.


Viral Launch provides keyword research results directly from Amazon. The platform includes an advanced relevancy feature that allows keyword researchers to narrow down your research results even further and to only return the most relevant data for your search terms using the LSI algorithm.


4. Keyword Tool for Amazon

This free Amazon keyword research tool provides sellers with better results by supplying thousands of listings for relevant products (Based on Amazon customer searches.)


The Keyword tool uses the auto-complete feature to generate more keyword results based on customer input from the buyer side of the platform.


The Keyword Tool for Amazon promises to deliver results that help your customers find your products more easily on Amazon. Keyword tool also offers a pro version that promises to provide twice the amount of keyword results as its free counterpart.




5. Seller App

Seller App is an Amazon keyword research tool that operates in conjunction with Google Chrome.


The Seller App keyword tool can be added directly to Google Chrome as an extension for easy access to relevant keyword data with a click.


This free tool provides access to hundreds of Amazon long-tail keywords for sellers to use to boost product views and conversions. This Google Chrome keyword tool is optimized for use among all Amazon marketplaces which is excellent for sellers who want to extend their product reach beyond their primary region.


6. Magnet

Magnet is an Amazon keyword research tool that delivers tons of relevant keyword results based upon the original seed word entered.


Magnet provides users with an overview of proprietary keyword ratings and estimated monthly search volume.


Using Magnet can save Amazon sellers time and money by providing insights based on real-time data. Having this deep understanding of what customers are looking for gives sellers access to invaluable data that will help boost product sales and rankings on Amazon.


The Magnet tool pledges to drive more traffic to your listings by using its scientific backed method and keyword research planning tools.


7. Scope by Seller Labs

This highly rated Amazon keyword search tool delivers profitable high-ranking keywords. The tool works by providing the highest ranking keywords for sellers to add to their product listings.


Using high-ranking keywords in listings dramatically improve seller rankings and product visibility on the Amazon platform.


This free tool takes keyword research one step further by adding in a reverse ASIN lookup.  This is the universal product locator that Amazon assigns to each product as they are uploaded to the platform.


The Scope keyword tool is a great option for improving your Amazon SEO and completing targeted competitor research all in one. Sellers use the targeted competitor research feature to learn what keywords their competitors are ranking for.



Now that we’ve given you the inside scoop on some of the best Amazon keyword research tools available for sellers, and the secrets behind Amazon algorithms, you should feel more confident when tackling your next Amazon SEO project.


Remember the following benefits when you begin creating your next set of  Amazon product listings.


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Happy Selling!

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