How to use Amazon Keywords to Make More Money on Amazon FBA


This is a guest post by Patrick Lum, Founding Partner at Asteroid Aim, the Amazon listing optimization specialists.



You’re here because you sell on Amazon and you want to make more sales.


You might be wondering…


What’s 1 thing I can do right now to improve my sales (with 0 risk and 0 cost)?


Your answer:
Optimize your Amazon Search Terms.



Let’s back up for a second.


Your Amazon listing is made of 4 pieces of text:

  • Title
  • Bullet Points
  • Description, and…
  • your Search Terms


Unlike your title, bullets, and description (all publicly visible), Amazon shoppers can’t see your Search Terms.


They’re the “secret sauce” of Amazon SEO.


How to use Amazon Keywords to Make More Money on Amazon FBA mother whispering to daughter about search terms


You might be wondering: how does this help me make more sales?
Better Search Terms = more people find you = more people buy.


Think of them as tags.


Many platforms use tags (#hashtags, for example) to make content discoverable. It’s nothing new.


In this case, it’s a string of words (mostly nouns and adjectives) about your product.


When you add them to your listing, this tells Amazon that these terms are relevant to your product. You then have a chance of showing up for them.


Zoooooming on in, let’s check out 3 tips from Amazon’s world-famous “Optimize Listings for Search & Browse”.

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Your Search Terms must be...



How to use Amazon Keywords to Make More Money on Amazon FBA keywords chart




You sell a popcorn maker. Don’t include terms like “Ice cream, cones, bakery, Obama, etc.”


How to use Amazon Keywords to Make More Money on Amazon FBA woman eating popcorn out of small bowl on floor


More interestingly, “ice cream” and “cones” are food (and you have a popcorn maker, so you might think this is OK), but the association is too loose.


Another Example:


You sell a TON 3057 20-oz. Jacketed Fiberglass Claw Hammer.


Acceptable Search Terms would include: “nail pounder, nail puller, ripping tool”, because they’re synonyms— alternative names that the customer would use in search.



How to use Amazon Keywords to Make More Money on Amazon FBA little girl speaking to robot about search terms


Amazon doesn’t reward keywords that appear more than 1x.


So, if a keyword is anywhere else (your title, bullets, description) you don’t need to include it in the Search Terms section.


The same goes for pluralization and capitalization (you don’t need “Color, color, Colors, colors, etc.”) and punctuation (no dashes, commas, conjunctions, etc.).


Amazon wants unique, relevant nouns and adjectives written as a string.



A string with the words in the most logical order.


Example (in Amazon’s words):


“A customer is more likely to search for ‘big stuffed teddy bears’ than for ‘teddy stuffed bears’”.


Moreover pt. 2...


A string of words, original in the listing, no punctuation, in the most logical order, and within your character limits (limits vary by product category).


Usually, Amazon shows you your character limits right there in Seller Central.


And lastly, your Search Terms must be...





Your product is “Wood Bamboo Temple Wayfarer Sunglasses Green Frame” and you put “amazing, good quality, trendy fashion 2014, bestseller, etc.”.


How to use Amazon Keywords to Make More Money on Amazon FBA girl jumping int the air smiling with sunglasses


These are subjective, not an objective description. Sorry.


Ironically, the line as to what’s subjective vs. descriptive is itself subjective, so use your best judgment.


How to use Amazon Keywords to Make More Money on Amazon FBA hand painting black line on gold paper


You can, for example, list topics related to the product.


Amazon says “Time travel” is an acceptable Search Term for the book “The Shadow Beast (An Adventure in Time)”.



Ready to cash in on these ideas?


Let’s write yours.
Concrete example:


“Yoga mat” (classic Amazon FBA private label product, strong competition).


How to use Amazon Keywords to Make More Money on Amazon FBA woman doing yoga on wooden dock on the beach


STEP 1: search the keyword “yoga mat” on


STEP 2: copy/paste the top 10 product titles into


Hit “Go”. This gives you a sense of what keywords are used most frequently. In this case, we see:


Yoga: 13 (i.e. appears 13 times in titles among the top 10 sellers)
Mat: 12
Exercise: 10
High: 7
Density: 7
Thick: 7
Pilates: 6
Strap: 6


STEP 3: pop these keywords (one at a time - “yoga”, “exercise”, “pilates”, etc.) into a tool like MerchantWords, which gives you a whole family of keyword ideas along with monthly Amazon search volume.


MerchantWords costs $30/mo. Or, skip the subscription (and this annoying learning curve) and put Asteroid Aim to work for you.




When I pop “pilates” into MerchantWords, for example, I get these other keyword ideas:


pilates mat: 59,700


pilates equipment: 35,200
pilates workout: 18,800
pilates accessories: 18,000


STEP 4: work them into your listing.


Now, you know to include the keywords “equipment”, “workout”, and “accessories” in your Search Terms (or elsewhere in your listing).


The best keywords are at the intersection of:


High-traffic + high-relevance to your product.


And remember:


Put your very best in your title. Your second best in your bullets. Your third-tier in your description. And any unused keywords in your Search Terms.


How to use Amazon Keywords to Make More Money on Amazon FBA keywords chart


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