Amazon Prime & Sunday - Monday Night Football: How to Make the Most of the 2019 Season



The 2019 NFL season will be the 100th season of the National Football League. This season is set to kick off on September 5th with the Chicago Bears hosting the Green Bay Packers. 


Advertisers know that football season can be one of the strongest marketing periods of the year. It’s a time when consumers not only put up with advertising but even ask for it! Advertisements become more creative, engaging and better quality year after year. 


Not only do consumers expect quality advertising during commercial breaks, but they’re also expecting businesses to use advertisements that are relative to their favorite teams. This shows that brands have their finger on the pulse. With the NFL season now showing on Amazon Prime, it’s a perfect opportunity for you to advertise your e-commerce website or Amazon listings. 


Last year the average number of viewers of NFL increased 5% to a whopping 15.8 million viewers. With the numbers expected to rise even further this season, the 2019 NFL season is the perfect time to launch a personalized, targeted marketing campaign: reaching out to a potential 15.8 million new consumers, boosting your sales, and engaging your loyal audience. 


Marketing during the NFL season could bring you a whole new clientele. NFL fans are loyal to the sport, their team, and if you play your cards right, could be just as loyal to your business and brand. Marketing during the NFL season could drive a ton of new traffic to your site and your listings on Amazon, especially now that Monday Night Football will be broadcasted on Amazon Prime.


So, What does this mean for your marketing strategy? Here are some ways to leverage your best e-commerce website design, expand your online presence and stay relevant for NFL fans. 




Avoid Spoiler Alerts 


When thinking about when to time your ads during the NFL season, don’t forget that people might be watching in different time zones, or on a delay. This isn’t just for TV ads, it is important for Google and Social Ads as well. Make sure to consider leveraging geographic location to target audiences based on their time zone. Your ads should come at the right time and shouldn’t lead to any spoilers. 


Think about people watching delayed broadcasts - and consider when they would ideally want to see your ad. This approach is called relative-time targeting.This is an effective approach that you should consider when putting together your marketing strategy for the NFL season. 


Ensure that your online and social media campaigns are timed, and scheduled, with when viewers are watching the game in mind. To manage this effectively, consider using a scheduling tool to unify your social media posts, such as Sprout Social.


Watch and React


It probably is very tempting to do extensive research into NFL by sitting and watching games, with your feet up, with your chips and dips at hand!


This isn’t quite the approach we would recommend… but let’s consider that this is exactly what the consumer might be doing. Your consumer is most likely lost in the game, so if you want to engage your customer, your advertising must be eye catching, up to date, quick and targeted. 


When posting on social media and marketing during the season, make sure to stay fast and flexible. The most successful marketing campaigns react to plays in a lightning-quick manner. If you manage to get your ad, targeted and reacting to plays, to the consumer before your competitor does: this gives you a big advantage. 


In the London 2012 Olympics, when Rebecca Soni won gold in the 200m breaststroke, moments later in the commercials a targeted ad (referencing her win) from Samsung Galaxy aired. This not only demonstrated how the brand was relevant and had their finger on the pulse but also meant that this event is now permanently associated with a certain product in the viewers' eyes. This is the result you should be aiming for with your NFL season marketing strategy. Be quicker than your competitors, and you might just be associated in the mind of the consumer with their team’s win or scoring a touchdown. 


Make sure you have technology in place to allow for these rapid changes. 


"Advertisers know that football season can be one of the strongest marketing  periods of the year. It’s a time when consumers not only put up with  advertising but even ask for it!"  -Click to Tweet-



Prepare for Traffic Spikes 


During the NFL season, if your marketing campaign is successful, there could be large traffic spikes to your Amazon listings or e-commerce website. To avoid buffering and annoying customers with long wait times, make sure to optimize your page and remove any unnecessary elements which could slow the load time. 

Tell a Story, and Relate to Your Area


Targeting consumers who are watching the NFL isn’t just effective because of the excitement brought about by a close game. It also allows you to tell a story with your advertising, and make the ads even more relevant to your viewers. For example, consider using a relevant player in your ads for a certain area. For Example: If your consumers are located in the Pittsburgh area, consider using the Steelers or Steelers players in your ads. 


If you’re a local business, you could consider supporting a local team, like a high school team or recreational football league. Some towns care just as much about this as the NFL games! So make sure you show your local spirit and pride, and illustrate how you are emotionally invested in your local area and community, by supporting a local team of your choice. 


Often, local leagues will let you advertise in exchange for your support. You could get your name and branding on the field, on jerseys, or in the game day brochure for example. 


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Capitalize on Fantasy Football

The average football fan is a member of multiple fantasy football leagues and on average spends $556.00 on fantasy football league fees, and stat tracking subscriptions. With fantasy football being so popular, you should definitely be taking advantage of it this season. 


Publish fantasy football themed content. Use social media and ads on fantasy football apps and websites to target fantasy football enthusiasts. Focusing your content marketing strategy on fantasy football is a great way to reach a large demographic and generate interest in your product or brand.   



Fans love Fantasy Football, so use this to your advantage, when planning your marketing campaign. Create special promotions and advertisements that are targeted towards Fantasy Football.





Final Thoughts 


Make sure to have fun, and engage with consumers in a bright, congratulatory manner. Whether you’re supporting your NFL home team, a local football team or just the winning team, make sure to think about your marketing campaign through the eyes of your ideal consumer. What ads would make you sit up, pay attention, and engage with a business during the NFL season? And remember, now that NFL Football will be streaming on Amazon Prime, optimize your listings and product pages, to get the most out of this season. Follow these tips and we know your ads will be winners!

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