Amazon Unveils Product Targeting for Ads


Amazon just released a new tool that any e-commerce seller should definitely want in their repertoire for Q4 and beyond. The new ‘Product Targeting' option allows you to take a more fine-tuned approach when displaying your targeted ads.


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What is it?

Product Targeting is a new feature in Amazon’s Advertising backend that allows you to link your sponsored ads to ASIN’s that are tangentially related to your listing or brand. This can be an extremely valuable tool for smaller e-commerce businesses and sellers that serve niche markets.  


Previously, e-commerce sellers only had two avenues to determine when sponsored ads appear on Amazon. While auto and manual keyword targeting work well, product targeting can take your ad campaigns to the next level.


Auto-targeting takes the content in your listing into account and utilizes Amazon’s A9 algorithm to do a majority of the heavy lifting. A9 will crawl your title, bullet points, and alt text to decide what searches your listing should show up for based on relevancy and SEO adherence.


Manual-targeting requires you to enter keywords into Amazon’s backend to determine which searches you want to show up for. These keywords fit into the pre-determined categories of broad, phrase or exact match and will display according to their category. For example, a broad keyword option on the words “iPhone case” will make your ad display for all products related to iPhones and cases. An exact phrase with those same keywords will ensure you only show up when that exact phrase is searched.


Manual and auto campaigns are invaluable tools, but there is still more to be desired when linking your advertisement to relevant searches. Where broad matches can cast your listing into an unrelated crowd, exact can be too restrictive in its parameters for consideration. Product targeting is a more intuitive approach that lets you execute your advertising strategy from a creative approach.


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What’s New?

Product targeting helps you fill in the gaps left by pre-existing target options. E-commerce sellers now have a way to link their ads to other product pages, ASINs, SKUs, categories, and departments on Amazon.


Target Rating

Targeting by rating allows for strategic advertising when utilized correctly. Categorizing by rating is similar to categorizing by a competitor in that you can position your product as an alternative when your rival falls short. Does your listing have better reviews than that of a similar product?  Simply target that ASIN by rating and watch your conversions increase.


Target Price

Linking your advertisement with a target price allows you to market your product more effectively to potential buyers. Goods that can potentially range in price are a great fit for this option. Items like boutique sneakers can be marketed as “designer” or “thrift”, and listing prices will reflect that. Targeting high or low price categories will make sure you display for your target demographic, and not another group that is closely related in the eyes of Amazon’s algorithm.


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Target Competitors

Using established competitors to find potential customers is a brilliant tactic for small businesses operating on Amazon. Sellers now have the option to leverage the visibility of larger brands by linking ads to competitor ASINs. This is similar to a tactic often leveraged in the food industry by grocery retailers. Retailers will often display their alternative products next to popular big name brands to highlight more cost-effective alternatives. Your smaller brand on Amazon may offer something that a big brand doesn’t, so take advantage of competitor targeting to start increasing customer conversions.



Product Targeting can help boost your sales this upcoming holiday season. A combination of auto and manual keywords alongside the targeted categories will make sure you cast a net that is wide in some areas and specific in others. Be aware of your competition and the BSR leaders of categories relevant to your listing. For more pointers on Amazon and targeted ads, contact the team over at Seller’s Choice.

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