Social Media Marketing For Amazon Businesses


Amazon only allows for limited branded marketing on their platform. They want to retain ownership of their customers, not send them to your business. Nevertheless, you want to create a loyal following for your business that will encourage brand awareness and visibility. The greater your overall marketing, the better you can build a client list and push product conversions—both on Amazon and other selling platforms. 


There are thousands of sellers on Amazon, and at least a few are selling similar products as you. So how do you differentiate yourself if Amazon limits branded marketing?


You need marketing separate from the Amazon platform.


You need to leverage social media platforms as a way to gain new exposure and build a loyal following.


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Why use social media for your Amazon business?

Amazon marketing consists of product listing optimization and Amazon sponsored ads. While both are important to the growth of your business, they’re restricted to Amazon’s limitations. You’re relying solely on price and keywords in order to gain visibility and win the Buy Box. Often, in these cases, Amazon hijackers can steal your listings and customers—and the consumer won’t even realize the difference.


Social media campaigns create a more proactive approach to marketing your Amazon business. People aren’t just stumbling upon your product listing and buying whichever product is the cheapest. They know your brand name and they want to buy the products directly from you.


With social media, you’re building an online community around your brand. People are seeing your brand name more often, which enhances impressions, visibility, and reach. People can share and engage with your content in a way that generates a loyal following of potential consumers.


Moreover, social media can show you’re a thought leader in your industry. Your brand isn’t just reselling products on Amazon. Your brand is the go-to for information and content with regards to the lifestyle surrounding those products.


This is especially true if you are a private label seller. Social media can help build brand awareness and get out the word about your label beyond the character limits and marketing regulations on Amazon. If you sell through multiple channels, social media can direct your customers accordingly.


Ultimately, social media builds a long-term strategy for your business. It helps you collect customer data, build client loyalty, extend reach and brand awareness, and convert a higher percentage of sales. The closer you are to your customer, the greater you can grow.


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How do you use social media marketing for Amazon?


1. Choose your platforms.

You shouldn’t be on every social media network. Focus on those one or two platforms where your customers hang out the most. This will give you time to really cultivate and optimize content, rather than spreading yourself thin across every platform. Engaging with the right social media can help you build a deeper relationship with your followers.


The most common social networks for Amazon sellers include Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. These platforms are heavily visual and content-driven, which makes them ideal for promoting products.


2. Build a brand voice.

Don’t just throw content on your social media and expect it to resonate with your customers. You need specific, strategized content that will relate to your audience. This means building a specific brand voice that you’ll maintain throughout all of your content—including your product listings. Your brand voice should be distinctive and unique, while also providing value and entertainment to your audience.


Remember that your brand voice should reflect the voice of your audience. What kind of content do they want to see?


In most cases, lifestyle photos are most useful to create a brand voice and aesthetic. Show visuals of people using your product. What does their life look like? How does your product improve their lives? Fun facts, quotes, and how-to articles also gain traction with audiences.


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3. Redirect with purpose.

The goal is to drive more traffic to your Amazon page. If you want to win the Buy Box, you need a high conversion rate. Sending prospects from social media to Amazon provides you with quality traffic that is more likely to convert than arbitrary searchers. Your followers on social media already like your content, so they have some interest in your product in some way. If they click through to your products, they likely have a higher intent to purchase, which improves your conversion and sale-through rate.


You can use soft-selling techniques to redirect consumers to your products through profile links and social posts. This works well if you have a specific deal or sale going on, if you’re offering a coupon code, or if you are launching a new product.


However, you don’t want to use your social media to only direct traffic to Amazon. You want to provide value that will build a brand voice.


For example, your customers don’t want to read and share a post that is entirely designed to sell your high-powered vacuum. They want to read an article about the 10 best ways to vacuum on hardwood floors. Within that blog or post, you can then mention and link out to your high-powered vacuum. This redirects appropriate customers who already trust your brand because you’ve provided them with some sort of value and information.


4. Acquire email addresses.

Amazon’s platform doesn’t allow you to acquire email addresses or personal info about your customers. This can make it challenging to encourage repeat purchases.


You want to build some sort of subscriber list so you can foster long-term relationships with your consumer.


With your social posts and blog, utilize methods to acquire customer information. This will ensure that you can create multiple impressions on the same prospect, moving them further along in your sales funnel. You can collect email addresses by asking readers to subscribe to your newsletter, offering emailed guides or coupons, or running a sweepstake.


5. Share consistently.

The purpose of social networks is to share content and engage with “friends.” You need to share content in order to engage. You need to engage in order to build brand awareness and conversions.


Ultimately, you want your customers sharing their own experiences with your product and brands. In fact, Nielson reported that recommendations from friends are the most credible form of advertising. Thus, the goal is to encourage your customers and followers to share and “recommend” your brand with their friends.


The best way to do this is through lifestyle posts. Create unique blogs and visuals that show what’s unique about your product and brand voice. Then, your customers can easily share that lifestyle post to show their friends why they love your product. This builds a wildfire form of word-of-mouth marketing that can explode your Amazon business.


6. Consider Amazon Spark.

Amazon Spark is a new social platform by and for Amazon. Inspired by Instagram and Pinterest, Spark has a “feed” format where users can scroll through to see content and “smile” when they like something. Most of the content is user-generated but some of it is sponsored. Most of the feed is filled with Amazon products, which are specifically curated by Amazon based on the user’s declared “interests.”


Although this section of the Amazon app is still new, it’s proving to have a high conversion rate for Amazon businesses. Users log on the Spark app because they are interested in purchasing from Amazon, thus providing you with quality traffic instantly. Moreover, users can buy products right on the Spark platform, which brings them deeper into the sales funnel.


Amazon Spark is new, but it’s not to be underestimated moving forward.


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The Bottom Line

Social media marketing is crucial to expanding your Amazon business. You want to create valuable content and generate a brand voice that will attract relevant customers.


Thankfully, you don’t have to do it alone. If you don’t have the time or resources to handle your social media, our Seller’s Choice social media services are there to help.


We can help run your accounts, schedule relevant posts, and create stunning content. We’ll grow your following so that customers will never want miss a post—and they’ll become repeat customers of your product.


It’s time to start building your online presence.


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