How Is Amazon Raising the Stakes in 2019?


You don’t make the leaps and bounds Amazon has made over the years by accident. You need a carefully constructed plan that unfolds over time. One that evolves along with your capabilities and your customers’ needs. As one of the fastest growing modern companies and an absolute giant in the world of e-commerce, Amazon has to keep upping its game to retain its position as a leader of e-commerce platforms.


Even if you don’t follow Amazon closely, you’ve likely heard about some of the steps the company has taken to cement its place on the map. From its start as a bookstore to its rollout of the Fire TV Stick, the metamorphosis Amazon has undergone is staggering.


There is always room for improvement. Amazon understands this concept but intends to come as close as possible by consistently redefining the limits of online commerce through new advertising, delivery strategies, and brand relationships. Staying in the know helps your business keep a leg up, so keep reading and find out how Amazon is raising the stakes for 2019.


An Amazon Go store located in Seattle, Washington

An Amazon Go store located in Seattle, Washington / Image via


Enhancing Delivery

The delivery process is responsible for getting products to paying customers as quickly, safely, and effectively as possible. Amazon has plans to shake this process up. Better delivery means more satisfied customers, but what do you do when UPS or FedEx won’t cut it? If you’re Amazon, you build your own fleet.


Thanks to Amazon Air, the company doesn’t need to compete with these other delivery services anymore. Customers can expect fewer problems and better communication as well as more availability from this service. With this kind of in-house delivery system, you can keep an eye on your package every step of the way.


Reliable delivery is key to gaining the trust of your clientele. Customers don’t want to wait forever to enjoy the products they ordered, and receiving a broken or even incorrect item is a pain that they shouldn’t have to deal with. Amazon continues to push their delivery capabilities to the next level so everyone has a positive shopping experience.


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Building Brick and Mortar Stores

Many of today’s online businesses operate exclusively online, and their headquarters could be in a rented office space or, as in the case of Amazon’s precursor, a personal garage. It’s possible to combine the worlds of online and in-person retail, however, and Amazon hopes to find new paths to success in their brick and mortar stores.


Some might not realize the potential of opening a brick and mortar store in conjunction with an online business, but Amazon is doing it in an unprecedented way: They’re opening their stores with a new and innovative system that does away with checkout lines.


Amazon Go is a revolutionary new idea that seeks to vastly improve the way people shop at physical brick and mortar locations. First, customers will install the Amazon Go app. Then they will visit an Amazon store, where they can shop for goods just like in any other retail store. Once they’re finished shopping, however, they’ll simply leave the store and be on their way.


Using high-tech computers and sensors, Amazon Go will add up the cost of the items you’ve picked up and charge your account. It will also know when you put a product back on the shelf and decide not to purchase it. This means there’s no reason for physical pay stations and the long lines that inevitably come with them. The traffic in the store will no longer be a burden for customers, and people get to save valuable time that would’ve been spent waiting in line.


Amazon Ad Platform

Networking puts some of the best industry heads together to come up with new products and solutions, and it’s something Amazon plans to step up in the coming year. Amazon plans to expand its advertising platform and make it easier for brands to interact with other sellers. In 2019, brands and sellers will have access to the Amazon Ad features that are currently available to retailers that already have an Amazon handle and have existing customers. The power to purchase ad buys will mean more fluid and adaptive advertising.


The future site of Amazon's HQ2 headquarters in Crystal City, VA

The future site of Amazon's HQ2 headquarters in Crystal City, VA / Image via


Experimenting with Retargeting

Advertising is becoming more refined and geared toward individual tastes. This is good for businesses as well as customers because it puts relevant products in front of the right people. 2019 will see Amazon use retargeting to cater ads to individual shoppers, using their past search queries or previous purchases to influence which advertisements they see.


When you use a search engine or buy a product online, this information is stored and used to determine what ads will be shown to you in the future. These advertisements, which bring the customer back to Amazon, will show up on other sites that the person frequently visits. This year, Amazon will use what people search for to educate their ad targeting campaigns and drive more conversions.


Never Stagnant

Adding more categories to the picture is one of many ways to freshen up your business and continually attract new customers. Amazon’s overwhelming size means it has to constantly evolve and fight the urge to become complacent. Businesses don’t become successful by following the status quo, and they don’t reach new heights by sitting on the accomplishments they’ve already made. Amazon serves as an example for the up and coming e-commerce businesses to follow, showing how important it is to keep moving forward at every level.


Following in its tradition of excellence, Amazon will be an even bigger force to reckon with in 2019. New shipping methods will lead to more efficient deliveries, but brick and mortar buildings will be available for those who want to try out the Amazon Go experience. 2019 will also see advertisements and user personalization take the front seat for Amazon and other e-commerce platforms.


Amazon continues to raise the bar every year, but it’s our job as e-commerce sellers to stay one step ahead of the herd.

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