Amazon Treasure Truck Madness – Everything We Know

 Amazon’s Treasure Truck has been making a splash in recent months. The most recent of Amazon’s marketing ploys has managed to merge the mobile purchasing experience with the pop-up shop trend.


Amazon has started selling one-a-day deals out of the back of their circus-themed truck. This Treasure Truck has started gaining attention, giving Amazon a new sort of identity aligned with fun, trending experiences. The integration of omnichannel purchasing is especially proving Amazon’s strength in the e-commerce retail world.  


What do we know so far about the Treasure Truck for purchasers and sellers? 







What is Amazon Treasure Truck?

The Amazon Treasure Truck sells one product per day at a discount. Customers are alerted to the deal of the day, and they can choose to purchase the item through the app or website. If they purchase the item, they’ll be given a pickup time and address where they can find the Treasure Truck to get their goodies.


The Treasure Truck only sells one item per day. There aren’t even product variations. These are handpicked, trending, and local items that are often relevant to the city where the Truck is. It can be anything from electronics and tech to fresh food and meal kits to pool floats or pet collars.  



The items frequently sell out in minutes. But even more than the sales and deals, the Treasure Truck has become a fun and playful way for Amazon to show off their brand.


Where is Amazon Treasure Truck?

The Treasure Truck operates in 25 U.S. cities and in parts of the U.K. You can only participate in the Amazon Treasure Truck if you’re fortunate enough to be located in one of these major cities: Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Nashville, New York, Orlando, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Portland, Sacramento, San Antonio, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle, and Tampa.




 We anticipate that Amazon might start driving these trucks across the country to hit other cities at some point. However, we don’t expect the Truck to become a nationwide phenomenon. Right now, it’s hosted primarily in cities that are heavily populated with young people. It’s not a huge money-maker for them, so they’ll likely stay in dense areas where visibility is high.



How does Amazon Treasure Truck work?

1. Get the daily deal.

The Treasure Truck doesn’t run every day. On days it is on the road, customers will be alerted via text message or notification what the deal of the day is.


You can get these alerts in two ways:

  • Text “TRUCK” to 24193. You’ll get deals and information delivered as a text message. Note that standard messaging rates apply.
  • You can sign up for push notifications from the Amazon app. On the Treasure Truck home page, click the upper-right hand corner and tap “Manage Notifications.” You can then Manage App alerts.


Amazon will send a text of the “hot” item whenever the Treasure Truck is in your area.


Make sure that you sign up for and look at the right location on the Amazon app. Different locations have different treasures and inventory levels. You don’t want to miss out on your location’s deals by looking in other geographies.


See Amazon’s Conditions Of Use here.



 2. Purchase the item.  


The products frequently sell out in minutes, so make sure you respond quickly after receiving the alert of the deal.


You’ll purchase the item through the Amazon app or website.


On the Amazon app, you can find the Treasure Truck under the main menu. Go to “Programs and Features” to find the Treasure Truck daily product. From a web browser, tap on the “Treasure Truck” page under the main menu.


When you want to buy, tap “I want this.” You’ll then select your pickup location.


You can only buy one treasure per day. This is a way to keep it fair so one person doesn’t buy up the whole truck.


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3. Pick up the item. 

After purchasing, Amazon will email you a confirmation with the location address and pickup window. You can also find the address on the Treasure Truck page after purchasing.


If you miss picking up the item at your location during your assigned pickup window, your order will automatically be cancelled and you won’t be charged.


Finding the truck location has proven to be a challenge for some Amazon customers. The truck makes stops throughout the day, and you aren’t given any leeway. If you work or have other plans, you should have a buddy ready to pick up your goodie for you.


4. Cancel or return. 

If you choose to cancel your order after purchasing, you can tap “Cancel order” on the Treasure Truck homepage.



If you get your product from the Truck and decide it’s not right for you, you can return the item through the mail like any other Amazon purchase. You don’t have to bring it back to the Treasure Truck.


What is the purpose of Amazon Treasure Truck?

The Treasure Truck isn’t going to be the next big revenue stream for Amazon. In fact, we predict that it might actually start to lose money over time.


But that kind of marketing stunt isn’t rare for Amazon. Amazon isn’t afraid to lose money at the beginning if it means long-term visibility.



"The Treasure Truck isn’t the next big revenue stream for Amazon,  we think that it will actually start to lose money over time.  Amazon is willing to lose money if it means long-term visibility."   -Click to Tweet-

 The goal with the Treasure Truck is to get more interaction with the Amazon brand. Amazon is primarily an online storefront and marketplace. But with the Millennial desire for a brand experience and the Gen Z obsession with social media “surprises,” Amazon needed a new way to create an interaction with their younger, up-and-coming consumer base.



The Treasure Truck piques the curiosity of their customers. People walking by stop to see what’s going on. Customers share pictures on social media that they purchased something from the trending Treasure Truck. This creates a new and exciting level of visibility that Amazon lives off of.


Amazon has said that the purpose of the Truck is to “spread joy.” It’s more than just a mobile store. They have games, giveaways, treats, and other surprises. They have some pirates aboard too because, hey, it’s the “Treasure” Truck after all. Pirates want good deals on booty just like you do.


Along with marketing, Amazon is potentially hinting at something greater to come in the future. The Treasure Truck—like the recent pop up of Amazon storefronts—shows us that Amazon isn’t going to be solely an ecommerce business for long. We’re going to start to see Amazon businesses integrated into our daily life, including brick and mortar shops and experiential pop ups.


Amazon is proving that they are the epitome of what “omnichannel” tech and experience looks like in the future.  


Can you sell products on the Amazon Treasure Truck?

If you’re an Amazon seller, you might want to optimize on the sales and publicity that comes with the Amazon Treasure Truck. But it’s not as easy as signing up for a Lightning Deal. You have to fill out an extensive survey that looks at your credibility as an Amazon seller and a private label business.


You can start filling out the survey to sell Treasure Truck products here, but don’t expect a quick response—or any response. There are thousands of sellers trying to get on the truck.


We recommend spending some time filling out the survey to put your name in the running… but don’t bank on it coming through. Keep up your other Amazon marketing campaigns in the meantime. It’s also not likely to be your most fruitful marketing tool.



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