Setting Up A Festive Auto Email Template For The Holiday


Email drip campaigns are your secret weapon to enhance your e-commerce engagement and conversion during the holiday season. Even more important than the email itself is the personalization of the email. Consumers expect customized content now. This means you tailor emails to your customers’ individual needs, and it also means you’ll vary your emails based on the holiday, season, or events.


So how do you create automatic emails for the holiday season? How can you engage the holiday shopper with fun and festive emails?


We’ve created a few holiday email templates you can implement right now to entice your customers, encourage click-throughs, and improve your holiday sales. The goal is to capture your holiday customers and add them to your client list for next year’s purchases to expand your long-term consumer base (who are purchasing at full-price and not holiday discounts). Let’s get emailing!


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1. Abandoned Cart

Customers are frantically searching for gifts and goodies online. Oftentimes, they’ll add products to their cart, click away to do more product research, and forget about their cart altogether. You have an opportunity to reengage customers who have already shown interest in your product but have abandoned their cart for some reason. Now is the perfect time for an abandoned cart email series.


Here’s an example holiday template for the abandoned cart:


Looks like Santa left a few items in the sleigh!

[Include pictures of]

Time is running out to get your goodies in time for the holidays!

If you act fast, we’ll add a little holiday magic and throw in free shipping!

[Button] Checkout with free shipping now!


You want to include pictures of the items in their cart to spark their memory and remind them of the goods they liked. You should also include buttons and links that bring them right to the checkout page with their cart already filled. This reduces friction and boosts conversion by making the checkout process as simple as possible.


We recommend including some sort of “add-on” incentive during the holiday season to further encourage them to buy. This could be free shipping or a coupon code for a discount, for example. Most shoppers abandon carts during the holiday season because the cost is too high, especially when shipping is added on. So a small coupon can help re-engage your customers and beat out your competitors.


Check out some sample abandoned cart emails with Shopify.


2. A-List Customer

You may want to reward your best customers during the holiday season. This both encourages your brand fans to shop with you during the season, while showing your appreciation for their continued business. This strategy works to build a strong relationship with your highest paying clientele. This means greater word of mouth marketing and more repeat business—for the holidays and beyond.  


An example holiday template for the A-lister:


Hi [insert name]!

You were one of our best customers in 2018!

Thank you for your continued loyalty.

We want to offer you a special holiday gift that we’re only offering to 100 customers!

Use the coupon code below for 30% off your entire order now through Jan 1.

Let’s get shopping!

[Button] Apply my 30% off.


A discount is usually a great way to thank your A-list customers. If you let them know how few people are receiving this discount code, it creates a sense of exclusivity that will make your top customers feel special. This will, in turn, build brand loyalty and recognition.


You don’t even have to use a discount (and cut into your margins). Hosting an event just for the top of the list or even providing a free downloadable piece of content are also great ways to connect with your customers.


The goal is to provide additional value that will make customers feel unique and appreciated during the holiday season. Give to them, and they’ll give back!


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3. Customer Thank You

You will likely get more customers during the holidays than any other time of year. But where do they all go for the other 11 months of the year? Where have your customers disappeared to when it’s not the holidays?


They’re still there and they’re still buying—they’re just not buying from you. Why? It’s possible your prices are too high, you’re a seasonal business, you offer products that are best as gifts, or—most likely—they simply forgot about you. If you don’t actively stay at the forefront of customer minds, they will abandon you until you re-capture their attention.


Only brand fans will return without a reminder. You can only get brand fans after you’ve cultivated them with multiple touchpoints and purchases.


A thank you email is one of the best ways to engage with your customer after the buying/delivery process is over. This works well for both new and previous customers. It gives you an excuse to grab their attention again, which helps remind them why they loved you so much the first time.


Hey [insert name] –

Thanks for shopping with us!

You picked out some amazing goodies for the holiday season.

Were they gifts, or did you buy a well-deserved treat?

At [insert brand name] it’s our mission to [insert mission, i.e. provide top-notch travel products to ignite your wanderlust].

Thanks to awesome folks like you, we can keep following our mission into 2019.

Thank you, and see you in the new year!

Love us? Share with your friends to get 15% off yours and their next order.

[Button] Share now!


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4. Product Feedback

You’re likely getting more sales during the holiday season, which means you have more opportunities to gain customer feedback and reviews. Accumulating positive reviews can poise your business for greater success in the coming year. It also gives you more product and brand data directly from the customer’s mouth for product development and marketing purposes.


Example template:


Thanks for your purchase, [insert customer name]!

We hope you or your loved ones are enjoying these holiday treats!

We’re a small business based out of the North Pole with elves and reindeer on our team, and your reviews help us grow.

We hope you’ll give us the gift of your honest feedback. We want to constantly improve to deliver the best gifts and goodies to you!  

And to thank you for your review…

We’ll give you a discount code for 10% off your order now through January 3!

[Insert button to leave product review]  

Thank you for your purchase, and we’re excited to hear from you.


We use two incentives in this template. We offer a discount incentive of 10% off, which encourages them to make a second purchase during the holiday season. But we also offer them the incentive of “giving back” by discussing our need for their feedback as a small business. People are more willing to “give” reviews during the giving holiday season, so don’t be afraid to leverage this holiday spirit.



Personalizing your email campaigns for the holiday season is a great way to capture holiday traffic and retain customers into the new year. Don’t let the chaos of the season leave you at the same place you were in August, even after a spike in sales. Slow down with an email drip campaign to pull customers into a deeper engagement and relationship with your brand that will last past New Year’s Eve.


Make it your New Year’s resolution to be your customer’s new favorite brand. Make it your mission to turn every holiday customer into a year-round fanatic!


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