How to Automate the Email Process for Amazon Product Reviews


Email marketing is important, but it can also be arduous and time-consuming. Here are the ways you can automate the email process to make getting those product reviews a little easier.


Want more product reviews? Well, in order to get them, you’re going to have to get good at email marketing. The unfortunate truth is that most buyers will forget to leave reviews even if they really enjoyed the product. This is why they may need a bit of prompting from you!


The good thing is that with software like  FeedbackWhiz, automating your emails is as easy as pie!




Why You Need Product Reviews

There are many reasons why you need plenty of product reviews. For starters, customers actually read them. Around 91% of people read at least a few product reviews before making a buying decision and, according to recent studies, 84% of them trust reviews about as much as they do a word of mouth recommendation from their friends. If your product has lots of positive reviews, there’s a much greater chance that buyers will purchase it.


Amazon also takes notice of product reviews. Product reviews are part of what they use to rank all available products in the search results. Amazon wants to promote the best sellers to its customers, so a listing more product reviews will look much better than one lacking.


Unfortunately, product reviews don’t just pop up out of thin air – you may have to work for them. This is where automating an email sequence can come in handy. Strong automated strategies have been shown to increase the number of product reviews received, improve customer engagement, and lead to more sales further down the line.


When using FeedbackWhiz, you can choose from a range of pre-made templates that are designed for different situations. The templates make it easy to add content and customize the email with your own copy, branding, and design. You can decide which groups or segments you want to target and when. You can set your mailing schedule so the emails go out exactly when you want them to.


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Designing Your Content

Much of the success of your emails will depend on your content and how it is structured. There are no hard and fast rules on this – every campaign will be different and the goals of the campaign will be what drives your content. However, there are a number of important factors that can influence the behavior of your buyers. These factors include:


  • Title: The title, or subject line, is probably the most important part of any email. The subject line needs to be clear, compelling, and give customers a clear call to action. They may receive hundreds of emails each day so it needs to be something special to stand out from the crowd. A basic marketing email will probably go into the junk folder, but a message which has important information about a customer’s order will stand a better chance. You should include the order ID and product name so they can see very clearly that this is about a purchase they have made.
  • Content: Marketing emails have to be friendly, helpful, and direct in order to engage the intended audience. You want to remind the recipient that their opinion is valuable and give them clear directives on how to share their review. The chances are that simply coming out and asking for a review in the first sentence won’t get the job done, but if your message is sincere and has useful information, the buyer may be more inclined to listen. For example, you may start by saying you hope they are enjoying the product and if they have any questions, they can contact you. Then you could move into the prompt for a product review. Don’t be too pushy – try explaining that Amazon relies on consumers like them to leave reviews sharing how your product made them feel; it will make a difference!
  • Design: Pleasing visuals can be extremely useful. Good photography – especially any which shows the product being used, can be compelling. Colors are also very important and can be used to guide the eye to the specific parts of the email you want the buyers to see. For example, red is often used by marketers as a ‘buying’ color. It symbolizes desire and can prompt people to take action.


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Getting the timing right 

Once you’ve designed your email, you need to decide when to send them out. This can be a delicate operation as timing can play a significant role in your conversion rates. If you send too soon, the customer may not have had a chance to use your product. On the other side of the spectrum, sending it too late may grab the customers when they are no longer excited about the product to bother leaving a review.


So How many is Too Many?

The most important thing to remember is that you do not want to bombard the customer with multiple emails as it can be counterproductive. It is recommended that you send no more than 3 emails. One email should go out immediately after purchase to confirm the order, another a few days after delivery to ensure everything is going well and to remind the buyer to leave a product review, and a third can go out a week or two following the second email to offer a final reminder to leave a review.


Putting it into Action

Of course, this information is just a guide and different approaches may work for different people. It may be a good idea to try out several different strategies to see which one delivers the best results for you. FeedbackWhiz makes it easy to track the open rates and A/B test to see which subject lines produce the best results!


Developing an effective automated email strategy can sometimes feel like a case of trial and error, but it is important that you always make decisions based on actual results. Use your collected data to make adjustments where and when necessary. Getting these elements right will deepen customer engagement, increase the number of product reviews you receive, and hopefully improve your sales.

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