How to Attract the Best Young Talent


To reach your goals, you need to have the right people in your corner. Culture and personnel can either sink or elevate your business. That’s why business owners put so much thought into who they hire and what each new employee could mean for their brand.


The people who work for you may affect the work environment as well as your company’s culture as a whole, so make your decision wisely.


There’s a lot of competition between businesses to acquire the people with the most potential, and there are quite a few ways to find out who that may be. Since there are more positions than high-quality candidates, however, it’ll be up to the best young talent to decide who they want to work for.


If you want the best talent to gravitate to you, you have to make yourself as appealing as possible. Here’s a quick look at how you can attract the best new employees and bring them on board.


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Have a Social Media Presence

It may seem obvious to some, but there are still businesses that don’t make proper use of social media applications like Facebook and Instagram. Young people spend a great deal of their time on the internet so if you want interaction you have to put your brand there.


Your business should have a clean website and an account on every major social media platform so interested applicants can find you. Use each of your accounts regularly so people know you’re still active and engaged, and make interesting posts to start a conversation between your business and potential candidates.


When your goal is to find work or to find an employee, there are other social media websites that are designed to be more professional than personal.


Websites like LinkedIn help match businesses with candidates that appear to have the best potential for the job. Make accounts on these websites as well, so you’re visible to people who are specifically looking for work.


Use Targeted Promotions

Among the many keys to marketing is knowing your demographic and making sure you reach it. In the case of finding the best young talent, you’ll want to look for people who are graduating from college or recently graduated with a degree.


Depending on if your company has a physical building or not, you might narrow your search down to people in the local area.


Targeted promotions make it easier to find what you’re looking for by following your search specifications. Even a simple paid advertisement on Facebook that targets the kind of people you’re looking for can be helpful. This will ensure you have a more specific group to pick from when it’s time to pick a candidate for the position.


Connect with Colleges

One of the best places to find young people with talent is at local colleges and universities. Upperclassmen will have more developed skills and a better idea of what they want to do after graduating, but it never hurts to familiarize the younger students with your brand. What’s more is you can do this in a few ways:

  • Job Fairs

  • Presentations

  • Advertisements and Sponsorships

  • Open Houses


Job fairs and presentations physically put students and businesses in front of each other, giving both sides a look at who they’ll work alongside in the future.


If you can’t physically visit a school to be face-to-face with students, consider advertising in the local paper or sponsoring a campus sporting event.


If you’d rather have students come to you, host an open house so the young talent can find out what your business is all about.


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Offer Development Programs

Confidence is a major factor when you’re ready to graduate and look for your first real job. When businesses offer development programs, they help coax the potential out of these talented young people early on.


These programs put students or recent graduates on a fast track, so they can get situated and feel more comfortable more quickly. This also creates a bond between your brand and some of the most talented people to enter the pool, so candidates become familiar with your business philosophy right away.


Since some people like to stick with what they know, it could safeguard your company from losing a high-quality candidate to another business.


Give Candidates Incentive

The most qualified young people entering the workforce will be fielding job offers left and right, so you have to give them reasons to believe that your business is the right choice.


Don’t expect to hire a promising young professional with plenty of options by lowballing. Competitive pay and a decent medical benefits package can go a long way. Some established businesses with plenty of resources even have amenities like an onsite gym or dry cleaning.


You can also give your candidates incentive to join the team by showing them that you’ve fostered a positive work environment. Conflicts among coworkers are distracting, and those distractions slow business down. Some use regular team building exercises, achievement bonuses, and treats to help keep up morale.


Company culture also plays a moor role for young talent. Millennials are more likely to buy and work for a cause they can believe in. Demonstrate this outward philosophy by fostering an environment that values communication regardless of rank or hierarchy.


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Understand Generations Y and Z

The best young talent is going to come from the people who were born into the last two generations. Most of these people grew up using computers, so they’re already familiar with most technology. On the other hand, they may be slightly less patient because of the nature of their generation.


This is important because it means the younger talent might not need as much training, and they could become bored if things move too slowly. Try to keep in mind the differences between Millennials and Generation Z compared to the generations prior, as this will help you see eye-to-eye.


Make Timely Decisions

On a similar note, some candidates might get bored before even making it to training. Companies go through their own hiring processes, and some take longer than others. If you find a candidate you like but take too long to seal the deal, you may lose them to a competitor.


Do your best to get quality candidates in the door as soon as possible, even though it’s not always easy. If you’re still working on the logistics of hiring the candidate, at least keep the person updated so it’s clear that you’re still interested. Keep the process moving so you can lock down your new team member before other offers hit the table.


Go Mobile

You’re going to miss out on a lot of qualified candidates if you don’t use mobile platforms to your advantage. Just like you need to have a website and social media accounts if you want to be discovered, you also need to be optimized for mobile. The mobility is also convenient because it lets matches between employers and potential employees communicate anytime and from anywhere.


Mobile platforms are especially important if your business is based online. If you want the best candidates, don’t limit your search to your local area. You’ll have to widen your parameters, but you’ll have better options to look at. Then you can use your phone to conduct a video interview and get to know the candidates.


Choosing the right young talent can be challenging but it will pay dividends down the road. Make sure you have your businesses’ site in order and accessible through platforms that young people frequent. Get your brand in front of them whether it's through mobile access points or in-person events. Plant the seeds early on that will give your business the roots it needs for true longevity.

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