Creating Brand Value Through Amazon Enhanced Brand Content In a Crowded Market Place



Amazon listings can be a crowded market place, with each product fighting for attention.With so much competition it is important to make your products and brand stand out from the crowd. If it’s the right decision for your product, and your brand, Amazon Enhanced Brand Content can be the extra push you need to differentiate yourself. It can help you to stand out, lead to more clicks, a higher conversion rate, and ultimately take the customers away from your competitor’s listings. This means more money in your pocket - not theirs!

What is Amazon Enhanced Brand Content?


The Enhanced Brand Content feature (most commonly referred to as the A+ tool) enables brand owners to change the product descriptions of branded ASINs (Amazon Standard Identification Number). Using EBC enables you to describe your product features in a different way by including a unique brand story, enhanced images, and text placements. 


Amazon Enhanced Brand Content offers templates for displaying your product features and images which makes it appear more modern, clear, professional and aesthetically pleasing. When used effectively, Amazon EBC can result in increased traffic, higher conversion rates and a higher profit for your product and your business!

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So, why isn’t everyone doing it?


One reason why not all sellers on Amazon are using Enhanced Brand Content is because of the eligibility requirements.  Only professional sellers who have been approved as brand owners through the Amazon Brand Registry process are eligible to use this feature. 


However, if you are eligible, EBC can be a great decision for your business, increasing sales and consumer confidence in your brand identity. At the moment this feature is free, but in the future it might become a paid feature. If you think EBC is the right decision for your product, we recommend you jumping on the bandwagon sooner rather than later!

How do I know that Amazon Enhanced Brand Content is right for my product


For simple products, that can be easily encapsulated in a shorter description and the standard image allowances and layout, Amazon Enhanced Brand Content might not be necessary. But here are a few pointers to help you consider whether Amazon Enhanced Brand Content is the right decision for your product and business. 


  • Will you make enough profit and boost your conversion rate enough, through using EBC, to make the initial investment of time worth it? This can be gauged by looking at your competitor's listings. If they are using EBC and it seems to be optimizing their sales, perhaps it would also work for your product. Even though you might have to outsource professional photos or design at this stage. If you do not have the capacity for this in house, this usually is a worthwhile investment. This could lead you to more sales down the road. 
  • Do you have a complex product with lots of features that cannot be easily encapsulated in a limited description? If so then EBC is definitely for you, allowing you more space, and a clearer lay out, to let your products’ features shine through. 
  • Do your other competitors use EBC? Would investing in it mean you match the style and investment of your competitors, or make your product outshine theirs by standing out? If yes then we would definitely recommend you using EBC for your products: we know that your priority is being unique, standing out from your competitors, and ultimately attracting consumers away from their listings and towards yours.

"Amazon listings can be a crowded market place, with each product fighting for  attention. With so much competition it is important to make your products and  brand stand out from the crowd."  -Click to Tweet-

What are some of the Benefits of EBC? 




One of the main benefits of EBC is enhanced images. Larger images, and more options of where to place them can lead to more transparency in your listing. Multiple, high-quality images, taken from different angles, means that the consumer knows exactly what they are buying. This, in turn, can lead to fewer returns and more positive reviews. If the consumer has a crystal clear notion of what they will be receiving when they order your product, they are far less likely to be dissatisfied. Positive reviews and fewer returns mean, of course, more sales and revenue for your business! 


With EBC you can add images and text up to 250KB per SKU. Amazon will resize if it’s too large, or reject the image if the size is much larger than their guidelines specify. We would recommend you to try and provide high-resolution images that aren’t too much bigger than the requirements for best results. 


Higher quality, and more quantity of images contributes exponentially to your brand value. With more positive reviews and a more professional, streamlined look on your listings, consumers are bound to invest more in your brand identity - all increasing the professionalism and value of your brand. 



Amazon Enhanced Brand Content provides 5 templates with which you can organize your text, images, product descriptions, and features in an arresting, aesthetically pleasing way. Each template has various boxes, already laid out for you to input your text and images. The templates allow you to break up the description with high-quality images, in a perfectly aligned grid, making the product page legible and more attractive for the consumer. It provides a far more modern look which builds brand confidence. 


An advantage of using this EBC template is that you don’t need to know programming to create the page: the template sets it all up for you. You can decide how much content you want to be on the page. The template provides boxes for text and images but you don’t need to fill them all. We would recommend that it’s best to have multiple images of your product, from different angles, showcasing all features. But if you don’t have 8 images, for example, Amazon will reformat the template automatically, filling any white space to make the layout look complete. 


Using these EBC templates can be a major advantage, but there are only 5 templates available. This could potentially be more limiting for customers that sell more complex products, or for those with precise ideas of how they want their design to appear.

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Reduce Your Bounce Rate 


Bounce rate is the percentage of consumers that navigate away from a site after only viewing one page. Modern consumers are especially visual. They are used to high quality, professional branding, and design. This is really what creates and upholds your brand value, causing visitors to become customers, and meaning they are more likely to trust your product and your brand. 


Thus, one of the benefits of EBC is that it can hold the viewer on your product listing for longer, reducing bounces off, and ultimately leading to increased conversion rate, and sales. 



A final advantage of EBC is that it is adapted for both mobile and desktop. The seller doesn’t need to do anything to make their product listing mobile accessible with EBC: this is all done automatically. With the majority of sales from e-commerce sites coming from mobile devices, this is definitely a big advantage for your business. 

So, choose EBC to stand out from competitors by selling your unique brand identity, and showcasing your product’s features through the Enhanced Brand Content Field.

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