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Do you run your own business? If so, you may not realize that your browser can be a valuable tool to help you grow and manage your company. Google Chrome, which has a little over 70% of the browser market share, has a variety of highly useful browser extensions that can save you time, increase your productivity, and even help you manage your business more effectively. Here are some of our favorites:


Google Chrome Extensions

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Save Content to Read Later with Pocket

Pocket is a great little Google Chrome extension for all the things that you want to read later but you can never remember the URL; it’s not just text you can save. Articles, links, blog posts, and even tweets can all be saved to read later, and thanks to Pocket’s one-click browser extension. It takes just seconds to save the content you love and never again wonder “what was that URL” when you finally have time to read it.


You can even save the articles and content to read offline or use a text-to-speech reader to listen to them. Combine pocket with other apps through IFTTT for an even greater variety of convenient uses.


Organize Your Browser Tabs with OneTab

How many times have you started your browser only to find that you have about a dozen tabs open within the first hour? It happens to the best of us, and for people like us, there’s OneTab. OneTab hides all your tabs with a click and it takes just one click to get them all back. In doing so, not only do you improve your focus, but you’ll see a noticeable difference in your computer speed as well!


Having all those tabs open can really slow things down, so installing OneTab is a safe, effective way to boost your productivity and stay organized!


Manage and Organize Outreach and Lead Generation with Streak CRM

Streak CRM transforms your outreach into a color-coded lead generation and CRM management tool. See which new leads have raked in, who asked for a demo, and which leads you have closed and won, all in a clean, crisp overview.


The interface may take a little getting used to, but there’s no other Google Chrome Extension that helps online sellers more than one which turns your bland Gmail inbox into a lead organizing and CRM powerhouse. And did we mention that it’s free?


From within Streak and your inbox, you can create a variety of pipelines as well as templates that increase your productivity immensely. See when emails are opened and leads are warm and ready-to-act.


"Google Chrome, which has a little over 70% of the browser market share, has a  variety of highly useful browser extensions that can save you time, increase  your productivity."  -Click to Tweet-


Schedule Your Social Media Posts with Buffer

Buffer is well-known for giving online sellers the ability to schedule social media posts. But what you may not know is that the Buffer Google Chrome Extension is a great way to add pages directly to your Buffer queue.


Share any page that you’re currently on, with the ability to tailor the individual message and image to suit the social media channel that you want. For example, you can choose one image and message for Facebook and a different one for LinkedIn.  If you’re sharing content across different social media accounts, there’s simply no faster or better way to help customize and streamline your content promotion efforts.


Effin Amazing UTM Builder for Google Analytics

As an online seller, you always need to track your marketing efforts, and Effin Amazing’s UTM Builder for Google Analytics is a great way to do just that. Cite your URL, as well as the campaign details and instantly, and have a fast, easy way to track the performance of your marketing campaigns, lead generation efforts and much more, all by using the easy and free Google Chrome extension.


Why use this type of URL versus just letting Google Analytics tell you where traffic is coming from? Because UTM URLs allow you to get more granular with determining the precise ad, website and many other factors that people used to find you, giving you insights that Google Analytics alone cannot (at least, not without a lot of digging and filtering)!


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Check Your Spelling and Grammar with Grammarly

Grammarly is a free Google Chrome Extension that is a must for online sellers or anyone who simply wants to write more professional, error-free documents, tweets, blog posts and more. Rather than simply correcting your grammar, Grammarly actually teaches you as well, helping you to become a better writer with every word.


Once you start using Grammarly, you won’t want to so much as send an email without it. It simply makes everything you write flow better and sound more professional.


Find the Best Hashtags for Use on Social Media

RiteTag is a neat Google Chrome Extension for online sellers who are looking to maximize their presence on social media. RiteTag allows you to find hashtags that are popular and relevant to your image or post. It’s a great way to make viral images spread faster as well as create more awareness for your post.


Getting Started with Google Chrome Extensions

These are just a few of the many different Google Chrome extensions available for your browser. And if you’re an entrepreneur, you’ll find that these tools can help increase your productivity, improve your writing, increase your social reach and much more. Install one or several extensions and start growing your business faster and better than you ever imagined!

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