How to Connect Mailchimp to Klaviyo


Marketing is vastly different from what it used to be, and it continues to change constantly. Email marketing has become an important part of modern advertising, especially when it comes to e-commerce. In order to tell how well your campaign is working, you’ll need an email marketing analytics service like MailChimp or Klaviyo.


Klaviyo is one of the best email marketing services, but what do you do if you’re already using MailChimp? The good news is that it’s simple to transfer your data from one platform to the other, so you can take advantage of Klaviyo’s great features without losing the lists you’ve already created. Keep reading and learn how to connect MailChimp to Klaviyo so you can optimize your email marketing strategy.


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Email Marketing Refresher

With so many texting and group chat applications available today, some people forget about the importance of email. From an e-commerce marketing standpoint, email is still completely relevant and useful. It keeps your fans and followers in the know regarding your upcoming sales and product releases, even if they haven’t yet made a purchase from your business.


Start building up your mailing list by offering free or discounted products and services to anyone who submits their email address. Then you can keep these interested parties in the loop for the future with regularly scheduled email updates. However, you will need a way to tell who is actually reading your email blasts and who is ignoring them; that’s where email marketing services like MailChimp and Klaviyo can help.


You can’t learn from a marketing campaign unless you look at the data and the results to see how it’s performing. With these email marketing tools, you can find out who opens your emails, who acts on them, and who leaves them unread or even unsubscribes from the mailing list. This is the type of data you need to refine your marketing strategy and make the most conversions.


Advantages of Using Klaviyo

MailChimp is known for its affordability, and many people even use the service for free. If you’re serious about your marketing campaign and you have a lot of lists of targeted recipients for your email blasts, you might need a service that’s better able to meet your needs. Many people find Klaviyo to be the solution to this issue.


Klaviyo prides itself on its segmentation engine. A quality segmentation engine lets you connect with consumers on a deeper level, which is exactly what you want when the goal is to increase sales and customer engagement. The extra customization options that Klaviyo provides helps you identify factors like product trends and the way your customers use your website, so you get to know your target demographic better. Using this information, you can tailor your promotions to be more effective.


You have a lot to deal with when you run a business, so automation can come in handy—especially if you don’t have a large staff. Thanks to the automation services that Klaviyo provides, you’ll have more time to focus on other things while ensuring your email marketing goes according to plan. You can automate your emails based on custom events and see which ones bring in the most revenue. Klayvio helps you see your customers more as people than as items on a list. Each email address is associated with activity and history, so you don’t have to pay twice for the same contact on different lists.


MailChimp may do the trick for smaller businesses with smaller needs, but Klaviyo is the better alternative in the long run. You get the customization, volume, and perhaps most importantly, the support you need to get the results you want from your email marketing campaign.


"Klaviyo prides itself on its segmentation engine.  A quality segmentation engine lets you connect with consumers on a deeper  level, which is exactly what you want when the goal is to increase sales and customer  engagement."  -Click to Tweet-


Making the Switch

Did you start using MailChimp before you realized the benefits of Klaviyo? It’s not too late to switch gears. At first, you’ll have to use both platforms at the same time as you switch over, so you can gradually move from one to the other. Here’s how your business can make the switch.

  • Identify Your API Key — The first step is to find your MailChimp API key. While logged into your MailChimp account, click your account name. Then find “Account”, “Extras”, and “API Keys”. Create your code and copy it to your clipboard so you can integrate your work into the Klaviyo system.

  • Enable Integration — With your MailChimp API key in hand, head to Klaviyo and access the “Integrations” tab. You should see MailChimp under “All Integrations”, and from there you can click “Add Integration” to input your API key. Then you’ll see additional options so you can customize how your lists are imported to Klaviyo. Syncing should just take a couple of minutes, and then you’ll have access to the various MailChimp metrics.

  • Import Profiles — It’s important to note that you can’t automatically transfer your customized contacts from MailChimp to Klaviyo, for the most part. Although MailChimp Ratings will transfer, you’ll have to manually import your contact properties from one system to the other.

  • Access Templates — Doing the same work twice is not the most efficient practice, and Klaviyo lets you import your email templates so you don’t have to. Just go to your template and click “Export as HTML” to save the file, and then you’ll have to do a little tinkering with the code. Then save the file again, go to “Create Template” under the “Email Templates” tab, and click “Import your Template”.


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Analyzing Engagements

It is tough to admit when you’re doing something wrong, but it’s important to figure out what needs improvement to reach your businesses’ full potential. When you switch from MailChimp to Klaviyo, a few of MailChimp’s metrics carry over. You’ll see your MailChimp lists and your contacts’ ratings, as well as a list of the contacts who have decided to unsubscribe. You’ll also see how the recipients interact with the emails you send out, so you’ll know which contacts open the emails and click through the links. This helps you narrow down your focus and identifies your prime targets.


Stick to (But Modify) Your Schedule

Knowing how your customers respond to your email marketing campaigns is helpful because you can tell what really resonates with your audience and what they don’t get around to reading. This information is only helpful if you use it, so keep this in mind when you’re scheduling your next email blast. There’s going to be a bit of trial and error involved, but the analytics and insights will let you know if you’re emailing too frequently or infrequently, which helps you put your schedule together. Remember to stick to the schedule that works and make sure your emails are full of great content that’s worth reading.


In order to stay competitive, you need to refine your business in every way possible. Many brands could benefit from smoothing out their email marketing campaigns. Klaviyo may be the ideal candidate to get the job done. Transferring your data and preferences from MailChimp is simple and worthwhile, so it’s easy to keep your rhythm. Regularly adapt your schedule and send your customers quality emails so they’re always in the loop.

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