7 E-Commerce Conversion Optimization Trends: Increase Your Sales in 2019


The world of e-commerce is constantly changing and evolving. From $504.6 billion in 2018, US retail e-commerce sales are expected to surpass a mind-boggling 735 billion by 2023.  It’s predicted that retail will either have to drastically reimagine itself, or it will continue to dwindle, while e-commerce will be the preferred choice for consumers. 


Perhaps the reason for the drastic rise is how e-commerce conversion optimization trends really chime with the times. With the rise of social media marketing, and brands even utilizing modern e-fashions (e.g. GIFs and live streaming), it’s no wonder that the consumer is drawn to purchase using e-commerce sites rather than the high street. 


What does conversion optimization actually mean?

A conversion rate is the number of visitors to your page who actually complete the desired action, i.e. purchasing a product. Thus, e-commerce conversion optimization means making the most out of your business' website, Amazon listings or other e-commerce platforms to effectively increase your sales. 


Part of the reason for the success of e-commerce is that it is interesting, engaging and always up to date with the latest trends. We’ve compiled

7 trends for 2019 that will help you stay ahead of the crowd,

and make your brand look more modern and relevant than your competitors, to drive up your conversion rate. Chatbot message on a smartphone screen


1: Chatbots


Chatbot, short for chat robot, is a computer program that imitates human conversation: meaning a customer can have their questions answered by artificial intelligence, but feel as if they are communicating with a living, breathing human. 


Chatbots have been becoming increasingly popular, and are streamlining consumers’ experiences of e-commerce sites. With the ability to almost instantly have their questions and concerns answered, consumers, are far more likely to make a purchase. This, in turn, reduces bounce-off rate: where a customer might decide to visit and purchase on, another site which can instantly answer their questions. With fewer bounce-off rates, your conversion rates are bound to increase, leading to higher profits for your business. 


Chatbots will most definitely continue to be a trend for e-commerce conversion optimization in 2019: think about investing in one for your e-commerce business!


2: D2C 


D2C is another trend that is predicted to increase in 2019. D2C stands for direct-to-consumer. Instead of the traditional retailer model, where products travel from the manufacturer to the wholesaler, to distributor, to the retailer and finally to the customer - D2C misses many of these steps, streamlining the process. With D2C, products go from the manufacturer to advertising and an e-commerce website, direct to the consumer. 


The D2C route has many advantages such as an increased and more direct relationship with consumers, more control over products, brand identity and reputation, and the ability to get products to market quicker (capitalizing on new trends as they arise). 


Consider D2C for e-commerce conversion optimisation in 2019!Conversion rate visualization


3: A physical presence


With the rise in e-commerce, we might presume that in the future there will be zero physical presence of brands. However, one rising trend amongst well-established shops is to establish a real physical presence, taking the form of pop-up shops, storefronts or presence at festivals or relevant networking and marketing spaces. 


A physical presence for your brand can be especially useful for images in social media marketing. Consumers want to see a friendly face of your brand, especially at venues or festivals which have their finger on the pulse and are popular across social media channels too. It also has a much higher conversion rate than e-commerce and allows you to communicate directly with your customers, raising trust in your brand identity. "Make sure you stay ahead of the trends by constantly researching new trends  and modes of success in e-commerce business. In other words: stay cool!"  -Click to Tweet-


4: Voice recognition systems


With the rise of the use of voice recognition systems, such as Amazon Echo or Apple Homepod, many e-commerce brands are considering how they can optimize their marketing to reach consumers through this new channel. It is predicted that by 2020, 21.4 million consumers will be using smart speakers. So how can your business tap into this new advertising channel? 


The easiest way to enter into the home assistant market is to launch an Alexa Skill. An Alexa skill is a set of in-built capabilities, such as playing music from multiple providers. Consider launching an Alexa Skill for your business - and make sure to keep your eye out for new ways to advertise using voice recognition systems as the year progresses. 

5: Amazon


Will Amazon still be a popular platform for e-commerce in 2019? The simple answer is: of course! With over half of the products sold around the world being sold by third-party sellers on Amazon in 2019 - we can pretty much guarantee that it’s not going anywhere. 

However, it’s still very important to make sure that you have a well designed 

website, which is simple and easy for customers to use, is helpful and relatable and convincingly portrays your brand identity.Facebook icon

6: Keep it social


Influencer marketing has become a huge source of revenue for many businesses. It’s estimated that by 2020 Instagram influencer marketing will become a $10 billion industry. Although the majority of the most successful influencers already have brands sponsoring them, there are many other smaller, or local influencers who you could choose to use to boost your conversation rate in 2019. 


Remember to stay up to date with the trends sweeping the social media world. One of these, which is very effective for marketing, is Instagram stories. The live content and integrated ads are especially appealing to consumers, and could really be effective in boosting your conversion rate in 2019.


In 2019 we predict that the use of live videos, especially Instagram stories, will continue to grow. To optimize your e-commerce conversion rates in 2019, post fun, relatable, live content, which really sells your brand identity to the consumer. Stories make you visible: if you’re streaming live then you appear at the top of Instagram. They are also a great way for you to display the voice of your brand, and build confidence in your business, which ultimately leads to higher conversion rates and increased sales. 


7: Personalize


Another trend which we predict will continue to grow in 2019 is the use of personalized ads in marketing strategies, on platforms such as Facebook for example. Based on the consumers' previous clicks, buys and interests, personalized ads mean they only see your products if they are likely to enjoy them - and you can personalize the products shown based on the information you have about the consumer. 


Analyzing browsing behavior, and truly personalizing your ads, will keep you ahead of the trend in 2019, and most certainly will lead to higher conversion rates for your business. 


Final Thoughts 


The world of e-commerce is constantly changing and adapting. The most fail-safe way to keep attracting more customers and increasing your conversion rates is to stay abreast of the trends. Consumers know what modern design, adverts, and advertising channels look like. So make sure you stay ahead of the trends by constantly researching new trends and modes of success in e-commerce business. In other words: stay cool!e-commerce tech stack ebook



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