Personalized Digital Receipts for Your Email Marketing Campaign


Emailed order receipts have become a commonplace practice for physical and online stores. You could simply hand over a receipt of the items they’ve bought—or you could take the opportunity to further engage the customer with your brand by personalizing the receipt.


You’ve already made the conversion, but you now have the chance to take that engagement one step further. You can upsell with recommended products, encourage repeat purchases, push your loyalty product, boost your following, and turn your customer into a loyal brand fan.


Post-purchase digital messages have a significantly higher open rate than other emails. Customers want to double-check their order, track their package, and show off their new purchases to their friends. Recipients also spend nearly 185% more time reading receipt emails than other marketing emails.


Still not convinced? Conversio found that every digital receipt equates to $0.25 of revenue. For every 100 receipts you send, you get $25 of extra revenue. That quickly adds up for not a lot of extra work.  


You know the customer is going to open and pay attention to receipt emails, so it’s the perfect opportunity to build upon your relationship. The best way to do this is with personalization. You’re not just sending them a receipt. You’re showing that you care about them as an individual, which encourages them to engage deeper with your brand.


How can you personalize digital receipts to elevate your consumer engagement?


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1. Craft the Subject Line

The subject line tells someone whether or not they should open the email. Putting the word “receipt” in an email will increase the open rate because they know it’s relevant to the purchase they made.


The best subject lines are short and succinct. Remember that a strong majority of your consumers are likely opening emails on their mobile devices, so you’ll want the subject short enough to fit on the smaller screen template.  


Using the consumer’s name also increases open rate and engagement. For example, you might want to write: “James, here’s your OurStore receipt.” When someone sees their name, they’re more likely to have an emotional response—and they’re more likely to open the email to see what’s inside.


Tip: We recommend A/B testing different subject lines to maximize open rates.


2. Display Their Purchases

The customer is opening the receipt because they want to review their purchases. So the products should be at the heart of your content. But you don’t want to just list their purchases like any other receipt. This is an opportunity to pull the customer deeper into their purchase to get them excited as they wait for their box to be delivered.


First, include images of the purchase. Most customers are visual. They want to see what they ordered, which resonates more than just the product name itself.


You also want to include all the details of their purchase including size, quantity, color, et cetera. This gives the customer reassurance that they ordered (and will receive) the right product. Include an order tracking number so they can see where their products are and when they can expect to receive their goods. Get them excited!


But you can make digital receipts even more interactive, which is a major benefit over the traditional receipt. You can provide tips, tricks, and hacks to use their product in their lives. Get them excited about how the product will fit in with their daily routine.


GNC—who has one of the most successful receipt email campaigns—augments their product list with recipes and health tips. So they could offer a link that shows you how to mix your new nutritional supplement into a smoothie.


P.S. These products are a great way to learn more about that customer’s shopping habits. You can build a purchase history for them, so they can see what they’ve purchased previously. This also fills up your algorithm with data so it can personalize content in emails and on your site for customers in the future.  


"You’ve already made the conversion, but now you have the chance to make them a  fan."  -Click to Tweet-


3. Customized Recommendations

Digital receipts are the perfect moment to upsell and build repeat purchases. You already know what the customer likes based on what they purchased. So you can start to recommend other similar products to complement what they’ve just purchased.


This not only encourages a repeat purchase, but it also shows the customer that you can offer multiple products that fit into their lifestyle. This deepens their relationship with your brand, promoting long-term loyalty to the business.


In fact, GNC reports 7% of their sales are generated from product upsells attributed to personalized emails. GNC shows top sellers and recommended products that specifically target that customer.


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4. Loyalty Points

You want every single customer to be a part of your loyalty program (if you have one). When you’re sending a receipt, you know that they’re a customer. This is the perfect chance to encourage new signups and/or demonstrate the value of your loyalty program.


If the customer already has a loyalty program, thank them for their devotion to your brand. Show them how many points they earned, and encourage them to use those points the next time they shop with you. A good rule of thumb is to make the points tangible in terms of rewards. For example, “You earned 220 points! With just 80 more points, you can cash in for a free travel bag!” (Bonus if the “reward” you’re offering them is personalized to their interests, like a travel bag for someone who purchases a lot of travel items from you.)


If the customer’s purchase isn’t linked to a loyalty account, this is a great time to sell them on the program. Show them how many points they could receive if they signed up. More importantly, show them what they would get with those points. What are the exclusive benefits and rewards for loyalists? If it feels exclusive and beneficial enough, they’ll click through to create an account. Make this process as simple as possible by auto-filling all of the information from their purchase, so they just have to confirm the info, click “sign up,” and they’re done.


This can be a huge win for your business. In fact, GNC saw a 10x increase in their upgrades of MyGNC loyalists to their paid Pro level. They have more than 16 million MyGNC Rewards members, with Pro nearing 1 million. They attribute this loyalist program growth to their digital receipts, where they show customers the benefits of paying for Pro level, like the discounts they would’ve gotten on that purchase.


5. Engage with Social Media

The customer has already shown interest in your business by making a purchase, so it’s not a huge jump to push them towards your social media. They’re excited about their new products, so they’ll follow you to engage more with your brand.


Ask them to share a picture on social media with their new product. They’ll love showing off their new gear, and you’ll get genuine user-generated content for your own marketing purposes. You can even incentivize customers by offering a small discount or free product on their next purchase if they share their purchased products on social media.


Consider using this opportunity to launch a refer-a-friend program—right within the receipt!


Start Personalizing

Some of the most successful digital receipts, like GNC’s campaign, come from the FlexEngage software, but there is a selection of other platforms to choose from, like MailChimp and Klaviyo, that can help you personalize your email campaigns to increase conversions, engagement, and brand loyalty.


Are you personalizing your digital receipts? Have you seen success? Let us know your experience in the comments below!

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