E-Commerce Podcasts to Keep an Eye on in 2019


Podcasting has become a force to reckon with. In its infancy, podcasting was viewed as too niche and only viable when the creators enjoyed a cultlike following. Years later, podcasting has transformed into an extremely diverse and ever-expanding medium for content consumption and creation. The largest streaming service providers bid for a chance to create with and distribute content from the minds of thought leaders in every field. Paired with the communities built on social media, podcasts allow for targeted analyses and free-flowing conversation that encourage interaction and user engagement.


Podcasts work so well because they can leverage the reach of social platforms to directly address concentrated pockets of like-minded individuals. Genuine interaction between invested individuals is the secret sauce of community building online.  


The e-commerce boom we find ourselves in is no exception to the rule. Across the industry trusted voices and tastemakers disseminate information for eager e-commerce sellers and buyers alike. The information they dish out is invaluable for any entrepreneur looking to take their online business to the next level.


Your first dive into the world of podcasting may seem overwhelming due to the sheer volume of programming but have no fear, we’ve got you covered. Our team over here at Seller’s Choice put together a list of e-commerce podcasts for you to keep an eye on in 2019.


bright ideas podcast

The Bright Ideas eCommerce Podcast

Trent Dyrsmid


The Bright Ideas eCommerce podcast is where proven entrepreneurs share the exact tactics and strategies that are working for them. In each episode, you will discover actionable golden nuggets that you can implement in your business today.

On the Bright Ideas podcast, host Trent Dyrsmid from BrightIdeas.co shares the story of how he's building his eCommerce business (on Amazon as well as his own site), interviews other successful eCommerce entrepreneurs, and answers questions from his audience. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur looking to build a real business that can one day replace your job and give you the lifestyle of your dreams, eCommerce is an excellent choice and on this podcast, you will learn the exact formula to follow directly from Trent and his guests.

E-Commerce Paradise Podcast logo


E-commerce Paradise

Trevor Fenner


“E-commerce paradise podcast is all about what you need to know to successfully launch, run, and scale an e-commerce business. I focus on the high ticket drop shipping online retail business model, but many of the tips are so advanced that business owners of any type of e-commerce business can gain from it.”  


Cha-Ching podcast logo



Kevin Wild


Cha-Ching! is an e-commerce podcast that boasts some of the best and brightest minds from around the world of e-commerce. The host, Kevin Wild, interviews successful sellers throughout the industry to determine what made their strategy viable and if it can work for listeners like you! Cha-Ching is a “must have” for anyone looking to perfect their tactics as an e-commerce seller


E-Commerce Boost by Sleeknote podcast logo


E-commerce Boost

Julie Fjeldgaard


Sleeknote’s E-Commerce Boost podcast lets you in on the biggest and brightest marketers’ best and most effective strategies and tactics that’ll help you boost your e-commerce business. Whether you’re keen to learn more about advanced SEO, are struggling with cart abandonment, or want to take your email marketing game to the next level, E-Commerce Boost’s 20-minute long episodes cover an array of e-commerce topics. With each episode featuring an expert guest, podcast host Julie Fjeldgaard is joined by some of the biggest names in marketing, including Tim Soulo of Ahrefs, Moz’s Rand Fishkin, and Brian Dean of Backlinko, amongst a range of others.



"E-commerce was birthed by the internet and is the perfect industry to support  a diverse podcasting community."  -Click to Tweet-



Nerd Marketing Podcast logo


Nerd Marketing Podcast

Drew Sanocki


You don’t have to label yourself as a “nerd” to listen to an episode of the Nerd Marketing Podcast. If you’ve ever asked yourself: How can I get more traffic? What are the best practices for e-commerce marketers? How do I grow my business on a limited budget? What about customer retention? Then you have come to the right place. The Nerd Marketing Podcast, hosted by e-commerce veteran and industry legend, Drew Sanocki, is a no fluff, no BS podcast that delivers clear, actionable, data-driven strategies you can implement today to grow your e-commerce business.


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The Take Traction Show

Charlie Centa & Christian Q


Between Charlie and Christian, there are over 15 years of experience in running our own e-commerce stores. It’s been a tough learning curve but we’ve really upped our game in the last 2 years where we’ve helped grow over 20 different companies through our marketing agency. By working with various businesses at one time, we’re fortunate enough to find ourselves at the cutting edge of e-commerce, innovating and experimenting with new strategies as the beast that is marketing continues to evolve quicker than ever. The Take Traction Show is our opportunity to share those strategies, ideas, and experiments with the world in hopes that we can all grow bigger, better e-commerce businesses together.“2019 is going to be an exciting year for Take Traction. We’ve decided to make a big commitment to sharing more content and we’re going to be pumping out blog posts, guides, videos, and podcasts 5 days a week. The first 30 episodes of our podcast have been so much fun to produce and we’ve played around with so many different formats: short-form, long-form, segment-based and video. Now, with all the extra written and video content we’re going to be producing, it seems fitting to make the podcast shorter and more actionable. So that’s exactly what we’ll be doing. Every week we’ll be releasing short, bite-sized podcast episodes – or Sound Snacks as we’ll be calling them – packed with actionable strategies that you can use to start growing your commerce business immediately."


 The E-commerce Influence Podcast logo


The Ecommerce Influence Podcast

Austin Brawner & Andrew Foxwell


You should listen to this podcast if you already have an established e-commerce store and are looking to scale it! Hosts Austin Brawner and Andrew Foxwell can provide you with the tools to grow your online business without losing profitability.


 E-commerce Evolution podcast logo


E-commerce Evolution podcast

Brett Curry


The goal of the E-commerce Evolution Podcast is to consistently bring you what’s new and what’s next in the world of eCommerce. Check out real merchant success stories, learn the latest tips and tricks from traffic specialists on Google, Facebook, YouTube, and Amazon, and listen to expert interviews on what matters most right now.


Shopify Masters podcast logo


Shopify Masters

Felix Thea


Shopify is massive in the world of e-commerce, and its accompanying podcast is equally expansive. Shopify Masters can help provide the spark that you need to get your online business up and running. Felix Thea interviews successful e-commerce sellers and their strategies for driving conversions in their respective fields.


Web Women Podcast logo


Web Women

Holly LaRochelle, Ms. Pixel & Sara Vartanian


Web Women is a community and podcast organized by and for women. Web Women champion “support, collaboration, and growth as a community” to improve businesses and the lives of women active in e-commerce. Some of their recent topics include “Digital Marketing That Fits Your Business” and “How to be Valuable to Your Audience”. Check out this podcast if you’re looking to join a collective of women dedicated to successfully selling and growing businesses online.



The age of information has given us the tools to access a virtually infinite stream of content. A lot of it amounts to white noise in the grand scheme of things, but there are thought leaders and opinionated sources to learn from within every demographic. Podcasting gives trusted voices a platform to disseminated knowledge to listeners that are invested in a particular subject or community.


E-commerce was birthed by the internet and is the perfect industry to support a diverse podcasting community. Podcasts like “Cha-Ching” are great for smaller businesses looking to implement the habits of other accomplished sellers, while shows like “Take Traction” use their experience as e-commerce consultants to provide real-world examples and up to date developments in the industry. As a consumer, you can't lose in this rich environment. The knowledge you need to propel your business to the next level is at your fingertips. Use the aforementioned sources in 2019 to guide you on your path to e-commerce success.

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