The 8 Best E-commerce Conferences of 2019


The internet gives us the opportunity to leverage the expanding scope of its networks as a way to interact with almost anyone on the planet. It is through these mechanisms that we’re able to capture the attention of a curious consumer that may be interested in your products, no matter their proximity to you or your company. You have the ability to build and nurture a community from the palm of your hand as an e-commerce seller. It’s time to start applying the same interconnected mindset to your position within the e-commerce seller community as well.

Conferences are a valuable resource to stay up on the latest trends and topics within your given industry. Any industry that is fundamentally tied to the internet will experience exponential rates of change due to the accelerated growth that the internet can offer.


Staying too far out of the loop in the world of e-commerce almost ensures that you’ll be irrelevant when it is all said and done. That’s why you need to get out from behind your computer and learn what the industry’s best and brightest are doing, right from the source.  


Here are 8 e-commerce conferences to keep you ahead of the game as an e-commerce seller.


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Prosper Show

March 17-19

Las Vegas, Nevada

Prosper Show is a conference geared towards sellers on Amazon. This show gives sellers the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge concerning best practices. You can also take this opportunity to establish invaluable networks with established names in e-commerce.


This year you can expect the latest news and high-level tips from CEOs and General Managers of leading Amazon marketplace solution providers. Check out the diverse array of workshops and seminars to help sellers learn how to take their e-commerce businesses to the next level. Education is the focus of this conference, so expect first-class analysis and in-depth commentary on the topics most important to Amazon sellers as an attendee of Prosper Show.


The European Seller Conference

March 28-30

Prague, Czech Republic

The European Seller Conference is also targeted at Amazon sellers and, as the name implies, is geared toward those in European markets. The European Seller Conference will focus on sellers that want to expand their private label opportunities and grow as an FBA seller. If you’re looking to expand your business to foreign markets from the United States, then this may be the conference to keep on your radar.


Tune in to get the scoop on strategies and tactics for selling products on Amazon marketplaces internationally.



June 25-28

Chicago, Illinois

IRCE is a “jack of all trades” conference and boasts a wide array of B2B e-commerce solutions providers so you can keep your business ahead of the competition. One benefit of this conference is that it all takes place in a singular location and has all of the advertised specialists in a centralized area at that location.


IRCE will give you a strategic leg up by providing valuable educational sessions on the topics that matter to modern e-commerce sellers like driving traffic and boosting conversions through retargeting and social interaction. Over 130 will cover a range of topics in order to best meet all of your needs as a seller at IRCE. Curated content means that all of the information will be relevant to you and immediately useful to you as an e-commerce seller.


"Staying too far out of the loop in the world of e-commerce almost ensures that  you’ll be irrelevant by the end of the quarter."  -Click to Tweet-


Seller Con,

June 21-23

Las Vegas, Nevada

Seller Con is also a US-based conference focused on Amazon sellers from around the world. It is currently in its 6th year of operating and is still growing in size and scope. Technology and the resulting e-commerce solutions are becoming more global, and your strategy has to match in order to stay competitive.


This year you can look forward to high profile speakers like John Mackey, co-founder of Whole Foods, and Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad. High-energy seminars and presentations from some of the biggest names in e-commerce and business make this a conference you can't miss this summer.


Sellers Summit

May 15-17

Miami, Florida

Sellers Summit is a conference by name, but in practice, it functions like a two-day e-commerce boot camp. This conference/hands-on workshop offers a curriculum-based approach to help jumpstart you on your journey towards reaching your full potential as an e-commerce seller.


Highlighted topics that you should look out for include workshops focused on driving sales on Amazon and building your e-commerce business off of it. This will include best practices to improve your listings and drive sales, as well as building your own branded online presence. Small “class sizes” mean you’ll be able to get personalized strategy tips directly from successful sellers and put them into motion on the spot. The immediacy of it all will make sure you leave Sellers Summit with solutions to your e-commerce woes now, not in a few months.



May 7-8

Atlanta, Georgia

Resonate 2019 is a conference presented by Seller Labs that approaches the e-commerce conference from a different angle.  Their keys to success are building your “toolset, skillset, and mindset.  They aren’t looking to baby new sellers, but give high-level tips to experienced sellers looking to get to the next level.


This is a conference geared towards branding your existing e-commerce company to drive success, so know your stuff before you show up.  As an attendee of Resonate, expect serious branding-focused content as opposed to hard number, conversion based content.


ASD Market Week

July 28-31

Las Vegas, Nevada

ASD Market Week is an opportunity to absorb in-depth knowledge from the biggest names and brands in consumer merchandise in e-commerce. Attendees can expect to “rub elbows” with retailers of all sizes and get a first-hand look at quality wholesale e-commerce sellers and products.


ASD Market Week also serves as a home for the SourceDirect trade show, a B2B show for importers, distributors, wholesalers, and large retailers focused on international wholesalers. SourceDirect at ASD is the one-stop-shop for sellers looking to get in touch with international wholesalers. Online sellers and brick-and-mortar businesses looking to expand their product line at a lower cost can find a bit of everything they need at ASD Market Week.


Sept. 25-26 Boston, MA

Klaviyo Boston is the ultimate experience to take your ecommerce marketing to the next level. It’s where the brightest industry leaders, fastest-growing brands, and expert product specialists come together to share real-world examples and actionable strategies that’ll help you own the entire customer experience and grow your brand.



Iron sharpens iron. It’s a fact as old as time. Don’t let your strategic approach to new knowledge fall by the wayside because you don’t have an “ear to the streets.”. Hone your skills against leaders in the field to become an expert in e-commerce. Stay ahead of trends in the market in order to boost conversions and profit. Do your research and be aware of the teaching methods of each conference and the learning style you bring to the table. Each conference is targeted at a specific demographic so choose wisely. If you’re headed to Prosper Show this week, expect to see us in the sea of faces. Stop by the Seller’s Choice booth for a quick rundown on strategies for design, content creation, and sponsored advertising on Amazon and other major platforms.

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