10 E-commerce Virtual Assistants You Must Have

Many business owners are faced with the same problem. The business is ready for growth but you are just too busy to make it happen. There’s so much involved in growth, from doing a SWOT to the actual implementation of strategies. Plans get shelved, unfinished, and what can get done just isn’t enough to get to that next level. Are you currently facing this challenge?


The solution is getting someone to take care of it for you. You need experienced people to take on all the related tasks – people who have the expertise and the time to devote to each project. Below are 10 eCommerce virtual assistants who can give you the extra hands you need to get the ball rolling.


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(1) Product Sourcer

Sourcing products takes a lot of time. Most of the work involved is quite tedious and really isn’t the best use of a business owner’s time. Pass this task over to eCommerce virtual assistants. Many VAs are already good at internet research, and some also have specific experience in product sourcing. They have a nose for viable products and can put together organized lists of options for you.


(2) Product Lister

Listing products isn’t as laborious as sourcing can be. It’s still not something that requires a business owner’s attention, however. You will most likely already have all the product information that you need to go into the listings. If you don’t, you can use eCommerce virtual assistants to both obtain the details from suppliers and create the listings.


Consider also the level of skill that needs to go into a listing to make it exceptional. What platform are you selling on? What listing options are available to you? You may not have the specific skills required to put it all together. Handing the tasks to experienced eCommerce virtual assistants makes the most sense.


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(3) Designer

Suppliers do not always provide great product information. What they have is often not even enough to entice retailers to stock the product. You need stellar presentation to attract attention and drive sales. Task eCommerce virtual assistants with supplementing your product information. Hire a designer to create informative graphics and video and enhance your product photos. A designer can also give you advice on the overall look and feel of your pages. They know what is appealing and how to apply that to make your content more engaging.


(4) SEO

SEO is one area that you don’t want to ignore if you are serious about growing your business. You need your listings optimized to increase your products’ visibility. Hire eCommerce virtual assistants with SEO skills to analyze your audience research, find viable keywords to work with, and work with product listers to create highly searchable content.

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(5) Advertising

After you get your products and listings set up, you can start working on your advertising. This is the best time to review your past endeavors and refocus or restructure them. You have good keywords that target your best prospects. You have optimized listings that are positioned for maximum impact. Now, you can hire eCommerce virtual assistants who can plan and run promotions, email campaigns, PPC, and other efforts to bring customers in.


(6) Social Media

Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, and various other social media platforms have extremely high traffic. These channels are where your customers gather to talk about their interests and exchange experiences and opinions. Reviews are a powerful force that greatly influences purchase decisions. You need to build a brand presence on social media to learn what your prospects need, want, and wish could be better. eCommerce virtual assistants with social savvy can work their way into relevant groups and gather a lot of useful information. They can also help you run ads targeting your perfect customer and lead them to the products and service that they are looking for.


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(7) Inventory Manager

Regular inventory checks are an essential component of any eCommerce business. You cannot hope to grow without an organized inventory process. Your business will need a dedicated inventory manager as you increase your reach and expand your product offering. This manager will make sure that suppliers are on track and stocks are replenished on time. They will focus on the numbers and stay on top of orders so you don’t have to bother with monitoring sales or computing production lead times.


(8) Order Fulfillment

Sellable products, optimized listings, targeted advertising and a good inventory system lead to increased sales. You will need someone to be on top of order fulfillment at this point. eCommerce virtual assistants will help you track your customers’ orders. Orders will get logged promptly and product will get shipped out on time. All of this works to ensure that your customers have a great shopping experience. Focused order fulfillment reduces complaints and builds trust in your brand. Trust begets loyalty, which your business needs to grow.


(9) Customer Service

Customer service is the next area that you should work on. Dealing with inquiries and complaints and even positive feedback can drain you of valuable time and energy. As a business owner, you care about the customer experience because you know how valuable it is to your bottom line. However, this does not put you in the best position to deal with customers directly. You need to focus on bigger picture questions, for one thing. You also need to leave the actual service to eCommerce virtual assistants who are experts at managing these different areas. They will efficiently sort the communications. Inquiries will be dealt with promptly so you don’t lose traction. Complaints will be investigated and addressed professionally. Good reviews will be appreciated, collated and passed on to be used in marketing efforts.


(10) Remote Manager

Many of the VAs you hire will probably not live anywhere near your base of operations. Most of your target customers don’t live anywhere around you, either. VAs are so efficient at handling operations because they can be there whenever someone needs them. Their locations may prove to be a management challenge for you, however. The tenth VA that you will need is a remote manager. You have hired a bunch of eCommerce virtual assistants to take all these tasks off your plate. Don’t let management eat up all of the time you have just freed up. Hire someone to coordinate with all the eCommerce virtual assistants you’ve hired. Task this manager with helping them to set up systems and processes to make everything flow smoothly. Then you can concentrate on planning and sustaining growth as operations are neatly handled for you.


Connor Gillivan is the author of Free Up Your Business: 50 Secrets to Bootstrap Million Dollar Companies, a serial entrepreneur, and the CMO and co-founder of FreeeUp.com. When he's not bringing together hundreds of freelancers and business owners, he's mentoring entrepreneurs through his site, ConnorGillivan.com. He currently lives in Denver, Colorado.  


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