Expanding Your Online Presence for E-commerce


Visibility opens the door to traffic, leads, sales, and profits. There are credibility and value attached to e-commerce stores that have a consistent, visible brand across a variety of platforms. If you can unlock the keys to your online presence, you’ll quickly see your business skyrocket.


What can you do to maintain an omnipresent brand across the web? How can you stay in front of your customers and partners to encourage them to engage with your brand?


Let’s take a dive into expanding the presence of your online store so you become a staple, not a sidekick, of the e-commerce world.


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1. Optimize Your Website.

You’ve likely heard it before, but it’s worth reiterating. Your personal website is your online brand. The way you present your business on your website instantly tells your customer who you are, what you stand for, and your level of credibility and professionalism.


If your website looks old, clunky, and stuffy, that’s the image people will associate with your business. If your website is clean, sleek, and action-oriented, it will shape a more professional experience of your brand.


You also want to craft your website so it draws in traffic, engages visitors, and pulls them through the customer journey. Optimization is no easy feat. You need to:

  • Effectively utilize keywords within a larger context.
  • Design bold, intriguing call to action buttons.
  • Showcase your brand and lifestyle.
  • Promote products and services.
  • Generate leads.  


And those are just the basics. Each aspect of your website has to be optimized and tested for engagement and conversion. Even down to the color of the CTA button or the image you use next to your product, the little details matter.


2. Multi-faceted Selling

Most customers actually determine your business’s legitimacy by looking to see if you’re selling on more than one platform. If they find you on Amazon, they want to see that you have your own website where they can learn more and engage with your brand deeper. If they find your website, they want to see that you’ve sold through Google or another platform as well.


Multi-channel shoppers call for multi-channel sellers.


Multiple channel selling improves brand recognition while increasing the opportunity for sales and revenue. It isn’t always easy, though. You need to become intimately aware of the ins and outs of multiple platforms, which can be overwhelming for a small business owner. You can and should repurpose content on different platforms, which saves you time and energy while keeping your brand consistent across all channels.


Not sure how to solidify your brand and follow different channel’s regulations? Reach out to Seller’s Choice to learn how you can optimize across all sales platforms.


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3. Multi-channel Marketing

Again, your presence is everything. The more channels through which you market, the more people will see your brand. Plus, retargeting on multiple channels creates more impressions on the same customer, so they’re more likely to convert with your call to action.  


Still, this doesn’t mean you want to throw up a bunch of ads everywhere you can. You want to target your marketing effectively to ensure you’re reaching the right audience, at the right time, in the right way. “Blanket” marketing is the best way to lose money and see no results—so keep your ads tight and targeted.


Better yet, select marketing channels that also provide opportunities for e-commerce. Social platforms are becoming increasingly e-commerce friendly, especially Instagram and Facebook, so you can market and sell in one fell swoop.


Best yet, learn about retargeting personalization tools. These allow you to target customers with personalized ads on social media based on products they were viewing on your website. This is the best way to stay in front of your customer with items they already like, so you’re more likely to re-engage them and push the conversion.


Learn more about social media marketing, and check out these ecommerce brands that are killing it on Instagram to get some marketing inspiration!  


4. Network for Your Net Worth

If you want to boost your online presence, it doesn’t hurt to get out in the world face-to-face. Trade shows and networking events are a great way to promote your business, gain partnerships, and enhance your brand recognition. You may even get some direct sales if relevant customers are attending the trade shows.


Trade shows are also a great place to get customer feedback as well. Think of it as an extended focus group. This is a targeted audience eager to learn more and try out new things (even without the expectation to buy). So ask them for their honest feedback on your products. You can even introduce them to products pre-launch to see if you’re on the right track within your market.


Your competitors are probably going to the same trade show circuit as you. This is a good opportunity to scope out the competition.


Read: Should You Be Attending Trade Shows?


E-commerce conferences are the best place to network, find partnerships, and learn more about the online world. This is a great way to get news and updates about tech, selling, and marketing trends while boosting the reach and exposure of your brand. Check out the 7 best ecommerce conferences of 2019 here.


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5. Expand Overseas

It seems like a big leap from “optimize your website” to “expand overseas,” but it’s actually not. Technology is making the world much smaller, which is making the possibilities of e-commerce that much more expansive. If you want to grow your online presence, expanding to new and international markets is an incredible opportunity.


Expansion is a strong means of scaling your business. It opens you to new markets, new avenues for advertising, and even new product lines. It allows you to grow and learn without starting from square one. You’re also gaining access to new clientele and revenue opportunities, which can ultimately net more profit that you can use to further your business.


Even more than that, foreign expansion bolsters your credibility in the domestic market. It shows that you are large and successful enough to move overseas. You gain some authority by the fact that you’re an international company. (Keep in mind, this only holds true if you’re successful overseas. An international failure could end up actually hurting your business. So you want to approach it slow and steady to win in the long run.)


Learn the ins and outs of foreign expansion here:



How do people know you exist? What are you doing to increase brand awareness and visibility?


You need people to see your brand. You want to create a consistent message across a variety of platforms, so people continuously come into contact with you. The more impressions—and the more valuable those impressions—the more likely they’ll engage with you and convert.


If you’re looking to grow your business wider and deeper, contact Seller’s Choice for a marketing consultation. Our expert team is trained in the art of expanding your online presence, promoting your brand, and building a unique customer journey that will set you apart. Get in touch with us now to start growing!

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