6 Ways to Grow an Instagram Following in 2019


It is estimated that by 2020 Instagram influencer marketing will become a $10 billion industry. With 70.7% of US businesses using Instagram in 2018, Instagram is becoming an advertising platform which your business can’t afford to ignore. 


The nature of posts on Instagram, their authentic feel which seems to promise a glimpse into someone else’s fabulous life, has perhaps led to its popularity as both a social media and marketing platform. Because users of the social media platform are used to seeing beautiful shots and developed images and videos, and unique, tailored content, consumers don’t seem to mind when advertisements are thrown in. 


It can be the perfect sounding board to develop and spread your brand voice and brand identity. But how can you grow your Instagram following? We have compiled the top 6 ways to grow an Instagram following in 2019. Hashtags visualisation

1. Use videos to stay current


One of the biggest trends sweeping Instagram is the use of Instagram stories. There are now over 400 million daily active users of Instagram stories: so in 2019, to engage this rising trend, make as much use of Instagram stories as possible! 


With videos in general on Instagram, the average engagement is growing faster than the average engagement for photos. Also - when you go live on Instagram - you appear right at the front of the stories feed. So in 2019, a great way to grow your Instagram following is to regularly go live on Instagram, and keep your Instagram stories active. More people will see you, your profile or your brand, and you’ll be keeping ahead of the latest Instagram trends. 

2. Keep your images modern


Even though Instagram stories might be growing in popularity, Instagram is still very much an image-based platform, and if there is any dodgy or non-aesthetically pleasing content on your feed, it will instantly put people off from following you. Users of Instagram are used to seeing high quality, professionally shot images, with strong design elements.


One thing to keep in mind is how you choose to design your image feed as a whole. Your feed is not a diffuse set of images, each appreciated on its own. In 2019, users of Instagram are now used to seeing well-designed feeds, often where one image feeds into the next. This shows that you’ve really planned the way that you post, and displays a great deal of professionalism, dedication, and style: an approach that is bound to grow your Instagram following. Some of the most popular, and modern, effects are using the grid of images to create a checkerboard effect, or using and categorizing the color of your images to develop slowly through the hues on your feed (creating a rainbow or gradient effect). "Make sure you stay ahead of the trends by constantly researching new trends  and modes of success in e-commerce business. In other words: stay cool!"  -Click to Tweet-


Furthermore, you can use tools such as Canva (www.canva.com) to add illustrations and drawings to your images. This multimedia approach gained popularity throughout 2018, and leads to more engagement from the user: they’re drawn in by the juxtaposition of two design elements. Canva is a great tool to use for this approach, as it has some ready-made designs to add directly to your images. 


We would also recommend you looking at Canva for inspiration for your color palette, grid system, and design choices. They have some ready-made examples, all of which are modern and funky, and are a great place to start for inspiration. 


One of the most popular tools on Instagram at the moment is Adobe Lightroom. You can create and use your own custom filters, and develop your images in a way that looks unique, professional and modern. Instagram's account screenshot

3. Post regularly


Posting regularly on Instagram has always been an effective way to grow your Instagram following. Tailwind, a visual marketing tool, studied over 100,000 Instagram profiles and found that Instagram profiles posting seven or more times a week get exponentially more likes, engagement and gain more followers than those posting less frequently. You can double your following by moving from one post a week to one post a day. 


So: post regularly, and post consistently!

4. Post at the right times


The right time for you to post really depend on the audience you are trying to engage, the country you’re based in, and your brand identity. Before considering which times you should post, consider first this question: who is your ideal follower? 


In general, it’s good to post early in the morning, from 5-8am, as many users of Instagram check their feed the moment they get up. The biggest time to avoid posting is on a Sunday: user engagement is universally lower then. During lunch breaks, and on Saturdays during brunch time, are also great times to post. 


However, depending on your brand, or your ideal follower, the ideal time for you to post varies. For example, the best time for technology companies to post is on Wednesdays at 10:00 AM CDT. Research thoroughly the best post times for you, and remember to keep your posting times regular and consistent. 


You can also use Instagram to see when your followers are most active. The way to do this is as follows: on the app, tap your profile photo; select the Instagram insights icon which looks like a bar chart, scroll down to “Followers” section and select “See more”. Here you can see which day of the week and which time your followers are most active. Consider using a social media scheduling tool such as Promo Republic to easily schedule your posts for the week, to save you from wasting time. Instagram on the phone

5. Research and use hashtags consistently 


When thinking of how to grow your Instagram following in 2019, it’s of the utmost importance to consider your hashtags. There are some tools you can use online to find the best hashtags to use consistently to reflect your brand identity, such as Hashtagify


But to stay up to date on the latest trends, and to engage as many new potential followers in 2019 as possible, it’s important to research and use the top trending hashtags of the moment. At the moment, they are as follows: #love, #instagood, #me, #cute, #tbt


You can also use hashtags in your Instagram stories! It’s expected that there will be a huge rise of branded hashtags on Instagram, what with the growing use of it as a marketing platform, in 2019. So make sure to stay ahead of the trend, and make your brand or profile stand out, by using hashtags in the most fashionable area of Instagram currently: stories. 

6. Use your analytics 


In 2019, continually research your analytics to see what your followers actually engage with, and tailor your posts to their likes and needs. You can do this on the Instagram app: select your profile picture; select Instagram Insights (bar chart) icon; Scroll to “Posts” and select “See more”. 

Final Thoughts 


We have presented you with 6 sure-fire ways that you can grow your Instagram following in 2019. Getting the word out there about your brand, increasing your engagement and followers is all important in growing a larger following on Instagram. Have your strategy in place and utilize these 6 practices and you’ll be on your way to growing your Instagram following. New call-to-action



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