Headline Search Ads For 3P Sellers


What was once a coveted benefit of Amazon Vendors is officially available for Professional Sellers. Headline Search Ads have been opened up to third-party sellers on Seller Central, and they’re already proving significant success for users. With marketing competition still low and results strong, it’s time to try Headline Search Ads for your Amazon business.


What Are Headline Search Ads?

Headline Search Ads are an Amazon Marketing Service that works to raise brand awareness, improve targeting options, and gain further exposure. These ads are “banners” at the top of the search results page targeted by keyword. They include your headline copy, logo, and three product images.


What Are The Benefits Of Headline Search Ads?


1. Exposure

In essence, your ad shows up as an enhanced result at the top of your keyword search results (SERP). This boosts your exposure to relevant audiences and increases your likelihood of click-through conversion.


2. Sales Conversion

You can send your traffic to your AMS brand page, custom URL, or a best-selling product. The most popular landing page is the brand page, as it can show all of your products with just one click. This means that these Headline Search Ads will give your brand page added traction, thus displaying your best sellers and brand description to searchers. This can work as a way to drive traffic to specific ASINs or your entire brand.


This augmented click-through of relevant searchers, in turn, boosts the conversion of searchers to purchasers.


 3. Mobile

These ads work on mobile and tablets as well. This is crucial considering the increasing volume of on-the-go consumers.


 4. Cost

Headline Search Ads are pay-per-click ads, meaning that you pay based on the number of people who click through to your landing page—not on the number of impressions you make. This makes your return on investment more solid than other impression-based forms of advertising. Plus, your campaign budget is whatever you want it to be. There is no minimum or flat fee.


Headline Search Ads For 3P Sellers Pay Per Click $


The Goal

The goal of Headline Search Ads is to reduce the friction for shoppers to find your product. By optimizing for keywords, you put your products directly in front of the audience. This increases your conversion and lowers the need for them to search endlessly to find relevant units.


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Who Can Use Headline Search Ads?

This service used to previously only be for Amazon Vendors—those who sold products directly to Amazon at wholesale prices. Now, Headline Search Ads are available for 3P sellers.


In order to take advantage of this service, you need to be a Professional Seller who is part of the Brand Registry. This means you need to be the Amazon brand owner for the product you are advertising through the Headline Search Ads. It’s also only available in certain categories.


You also need to sell at least three products through that brand, since the Headline Search Ad requires three products to be displayed in the banner. These three items should be relevant to one another, as clicking on the ad will bring the consumer to a single brand landing page.


This Headline Search Ad service is not yet as competitive as other AMS services. This means right now is the ideal time to utilize this opportunity to get ahead, before other sellers realize the strong benefits of this type of Amazon marketing.


How Do You Use Headline Search Ads?

Headline Search Ads are easy to set up, monitor, test, and grow. To launch a campaign, you go into your Seller Central under the “Advertising” tab. Under campaign manager, you’ll see the option for Headline Search Ads. You’ll select three products you want to advertise and you’ll be prompted to create your headline copy. Below are our five tips for optimizing your Headline Search Ad.


1. Focus on keywords.


Headline Search Ads For 3P Sellers search keyboard magnifying glass


Headline Search Ads are highly keyword-driven. They only come up if your exact keyword is typed in. In this way, you always need to be optimized for the correct keywords. Use the Search Term Report to stay updated with keywords. Learn more about optimizing with keywords in our article: The Ultimate Guide to Amazon Listing Optimization.


The headline and text in your ad should directly match the keywords that relate to your product. The higher the relevancy, the higher the click-through rate.


2. Follow Amazon’s rules.

Amazon has specific dos and don’ts for running an appropriate campaign. You need to follow these regulations in your headline ad to keep Amazon happy and boost your conversion:

  • Start your ad with a capital letter.
  • Don’t use multiple punctuation marks or special characters.
  • Don’t include pricing information.
  • Don’t use forceful phrases, all capitals, or exclamation points.
  • Don’t use unsupported claims.


3. Provide quality pictures.

The three products are at the heart of this ad. Customers will look at your products and decide whether or not they want to click through to see more. In this way, the images should be professional, high-quality photos that show your product in the best light. Learn more about how to provide the best Amazon images here.


4. Track and monitor success.

If your advertisement is converting well, increase the bid of your campaign. The more success you see, the more money you should put into it. This means your keywords are optimizing, your click-through is high, and you can keep trucking forward!


Headline Search Ads For 3P Sellers Happy businessman success


If you’re not seeing success, you should reevaluate the keywords you are using. This is the key to ensuring your brand is popping up in the most relevant, applicable searches.


5. Know when to use.

Headline Search Ads are best for campaigns with three related products that need a boost in their category. Often these units aren’t performing well, are recently launched, have seasonal sales, or are situated in a highly-competitive environment. Headline Search Ads give you a rush of customers (and reviews) by enhancing your brand’s visibility.


Whenever you want to increase the visibility of your products, turn to Amazon Marketing Services, especially the low-competition, high-results Headline Search Ads.


The Bottom Line

Headline Search Ads can boost your brand visibility, sell more products, and grow your click-through and conversion rates. If you want to see higher traction with your business, consider a marketing campaign with Headline Search Ads.


Not sure where to begin? Seller’s Choice will be your marketing partner to make sure all of the pieces of the puzzle come together for a strong, optimized, successful Headline Search Ads or AMS campaign.


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