How to Add a Product on WordPress using WooCommerce

In building your website on WordPress, you will surely come to a point on where you need to add products. WooCommerce should be the natural solution when it comes to setting up an online store. The platform offers almost all of the functionality you need to sell products online.

WooCommerce comes with lots of features, but not all of them are critical to getting your store up and running. In fact, all you need to know to in getting into e-commerce is how to configure the platform, then add new items to it.

Let’s walk you through the basics of adding a product on WordPress through WooCommerce.


Add a Product on WordPress using WooCommerce

1. Access the admin dashboard of your WordPress site. 

1 wordpress-login



2. Once you’re in, hover your mouse to the Products section on the left and select Add New on the options. 

1 WooCommerce-add-product



3. Indicate your Product Name. After you indicate a product name, it will automatically generate a permalink for your product. 2 WooCommerce-add-product



4. Indicate your product description. There are 2 product description areas. Just for the sake of this tutorial, let’s differentiate them so we can see the difference. 

3 WooCommerce-add-product



5. Next is the product data. If your product is a virtual product or a downloadable product, just check the box. But if your product is tangible then just leave those 2 unchecked. 

4 WooCommerce-add-product



6.  Indicate the price of your item. If you wanted your product to be on sale, just indicate the sale price and the effective dates. 


7. On the inventory section, indicate the SKU of the item and Set the Stock Status. You can also let WooCommerce track your stocks. Just check the Manage Stock box and indicate how many items you have on your inventory. It is up to you if you wanted to allow back-orders. Just make sure that you will be able to cater to them. 

5 WooCommerce-add-product



8. The shipping section is where you will indicate the weight and the dimensions of your item.  

6 WooCommerce-add-product



9. The Linked Products section is where you can place a link for items that you wanted to upsell or cross-sell. Since this is our first product, let’s tackle this on another tutorial. 

7 WooCommerce-add-product


10. The Attribute is where you can indicate the qualities of your product. If your product has variation, this is also where you can indicate them. 

8 WooCommerce-add-product


11. Advanced is where you can indicate your purchase note

9 WooCommerce-add-product


12. Next is to add a Product Category. Just add a new one if you haven’t created one yet. You can also select a parent category. 

10 WooCommerce-add-product


13. Add a Product Tag. 


14. Add a Product Image. This is the main picture of your product. If you click it, you will be taken to the Image Library. You can also upload a file by dragging the picture. Select the Product Image and place the alt-text, title, description, and caption if needed. This is needed if you wanted to boost your SEO. 

11 WooCommerce-add-product



15. Add your Product Gallery Images. Select the images that you wanted to add. Just press and hold the CTRL key for Windows and COMMAND key for Mac to select multiple images.


16. After you have added your product image, it’s time to preview your listing. Under the Publish area, click the Preview button. It should open a new tab and review your listing. 

10 WooCommerce-add-product


17. If you’re okay with it, click the Publish button to publish the listing.


You’re listing is now live. Congratulations on your first listing!



Want us to walk you through it? Watch the video here!



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