How to Assign Roles on Facebook Business Manager

Sometimes there is so much to do and so little time and because of this, we need to hire somebody and assigning roles on Facebook Business Manager has never been this easier. With the help of Facebook Business Manager, we can assign somebody to do stuff for us and that is why Facebook launched Business Manager to help companies manage and organize their Facebook Pages and advertising accounts without being tied only to an individual personal account.

Facebook Business Manager is a free tool by Facebook to allow businesses and agencies to securely manage their company’s Pages and ad accounts. They work on in one place, without sharing login information or being connected to their coworkers on Facebook. So you can totally keep work and your life separate with Facebook Business Manager.


To Assign Roles on Facebook Business Manager:

1. Sign in to your Facebook Account.

Facebook Sign In


2. Click the drop-down located on the top right of the page and select the Business Manager Account to access Facebook Business Manager.

Facebook Manager Access


3. Once you’re on the Facebook Business Manager Page, click the “Business Settings” button or the “Settings Cog” to access Business Settings.

Facebook Business Manager Business settings


4. Click the “Add” button in line with the title to open the “Invite People Wizard

Facebook Business Manager Add Button


5. Enter the Email Address in the field given.


6. Assign the Business Role by ticking the appropriate access and by default, the “Employee Access“ is given to the invited user.

Assign the “Admin Access” at your own risk for Admins have access to all of your business settings, accounts, and tools.

There are 2 special roles and access this by clicking the “Assign Additional Role” and the 2 special roles are the Finance analyst and the Finance editor

Roles on Facebook Business Manager


7. After you assigned the appropriate Business Role, Click the “Next” button

The next page is the Assign Access and this is where you can assign the roles of each specific pages, ad accounts or catalogs. Under the Page section, this is where you can assign the pages you want your employee to manage. You can assign multiple pages, Ad accounts, catalogs and different roles.

Facebook Business Manager Assign Access


8. Tick the appropriate page and select the role on the drop-down menu in-line with the selected page name and this goes the same with the ad accounts and the catalogs.


9. Once everything is setup, Click the “Invite” button below and to send the invitation.

As you notice that the Invitation Sent prompt, gives you a little summary.

Facebook Business Manager Invitation Sent


10. Select the “done” button to close the Invitation Prompt and go back to the Business Settings Page


Invitation Email

The invited user will show up in the People Section and has a pending status until he accepts the invite.

Facebook Business Manager Pending Status


The invited user will receive the invitation email almost immediately and this is the example of the Invitation Email.

Facebook Business Manager Invitation Email

After the invited user has accepted the email, the pending status will be removed and the email address will be replaced with the name of the person.


To Assign Additional Roles on Facebook Business Manager:

1. Click the name of the person you want to assign additional roles in the People section.


2. On the Details area, click the “Assign Assets” button located on the left side of the page.

Facebook Business Manager Assign Assets


3. A pop-up window will show-up and select the type of asset you want to assign.

Facebook Business Manager Asset Type


4. Select the pages, Ad accounts or catalog that you want to assign.


5. Select the role that you want to designate in-line with the selected page.


6. Once you have finalized everything, click the “Save Changes” button to confirm


You'll notice that the newly assigned pages are in mint green.

Facebook Business Manager New Assigned Pages



Some Useful Features of Facebook Business Manager "People and Assets" tab

  • You can check the Activity History of the account by clicking the “View History” link located on the top right.

Facebook Business Manager View History

  • You can easily change the page roles on the assigned pages by selecting the icons in-line with the page name.

Facebook Business Manager Page Roles


  • Email your employee right away by clicking the name of the employee in the Details area.

Facebook Business Manager Email Employee


  • If you want to remove the employee, you can easily do that by clicking the “Remove” Link and confirm it by clicking the “Remove” button.

Facebook Business Manager Remove Employee


So that is all that you need to know about assigning roles on Facebook Business Manager. And I appreciate you staying with me on this tutorial.



Want us to walk you through it? Watch the video here!

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