How to Connect your Facebook Business Manager with Shopify

It is always better if all of your accounts are in sync and this is possible with Facebook Business Manager and Shopify. You can sync both and run ads as one. When you set up the Facebook Marketing app in Shopify, you authorize the app to access a Facebook Page for your business as well as a Facebook ad account.


Before you sync both and start a campaign there are a couple of requirements. First, you need to have a published Facebook page for your business. Second is you need to have a Facebook ad account set up with your payment information. Lastly, you need to have a Facebook Business Manager connected to both your business’s Facebook Page and an ad account that has an admin role for the Business Manager.


If you already have set it up, then we can now start connecting your Facebook Business Manager with Shopify.


Connect your Facebook Business Manager with Shopify

1. What you need to do first is to access the Shopify Admin. Log in to your Shopify account at



2. Once you’re in, click the Apps section on the left to access the Shopify App Store.



3. Search for Facebook Marketing on the Search Field and select it on the results.



4. On the App Info, click the Add App button.



5. It will give you a prompt that you are about to install Facebook Marketing on Shopify. Click the Install App button below to continue.



You will then reach the Facebook Marketing page. As you can see the Create Campaign button at the top right is still grayed out. We need to set up the whole account Facebook Business Manager account to this Facebook Marketing app of Shopify.


6. What you need to do is to connect your account. Click the Connect Account button.



7. Log in to your Facebook account in which you need to re-enter your password then click Continue.



8. Click the Continue as to proceed with the sign in and click the OK button on the permissions page.



9. It will redirect you back to Shopify and you will see a red prompt on top.



We need to accept Facebook’s terms and conditions. Click the Accept Terms button and once you’re taken to the Terms and Conditions section, click the Accept button.

 7.1 - TnC-accept


10. The next thing that we need to do is to Connect a Facebook Business Manager account. On the Business Manager section, click Connect to the Business Manager account that you want to use or you can also create one.



11. Then select the Facebook Business Page that you wanted to connect.



12. Choose the ad account on where the ads will be billed.



13. It will then open a new window on where you need to accept Facebook’s Terms and Conditions to create Audiences. Just click the View and Accept Terms button for each item. It will open a new tab and just click the Accept button on the upper left.




It will open a new tab and just click the Accept button on the upper left.



After you accept a term of service, a green check will show up in-line with the item.



14. If you haven’t set up a Payment Method for that ad account yet, it will prompt you to do that. Just set it up real quick. Add a payment method and you are done.



You should see a Green Callout and this indicates that you can now create a Facebook Ad directly from Shopify.



You can also notice that the Create Campaign button is now available and not greyed out.



So that’s it! That is how you Connect your Facebook Business Manager with Shopify.




Want us to walk you through it? Watch the video here!



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