How to Setup a Lightning Deal on Amazon Seller Central

A Lightning Deal is a promotion in which a limited number of discounts and offers are available on an item for a short period of time. All Lightning Deals appear on the “Today’s Deals” page. Today’s deal is one of the most visited pages in Amazon. These deals are available on Amazon until either the time for that promotion expires or all the available promotional discounts are claimed.


For the previous Lightning deals, Amazon employees manually choose the deals based on performance. Today, Amazon is using algorithms, and a new interface for sellers to easily add epic lightning deals into the fray.


Setup A Lightning Deal

To set up a lightning deal you need to:

1. Sign-in to your Amazon Seller Central account.

Amazon Seller Central Sign-in


2. On the Main Dashboard, click the Advertising tab on top then select Lightning Deals on the drop-down.


On the Lightning Deals dashboard, it will show the items that are available for lightning deals. You will see all the products that are eligible for the lightning deal in the Recommendations area.


amazon lightning deal reccomendation

To give customers the best possible shopping experience, Amazon will only allow products with the high star rating to be eligible in the Lightning Deal.


5. Click the “Advanced Edit” button to start.


6. Deal Information is just an internal description. It is up to you if you want to personalize it.

amazon deal info


7. Choose the schedule.

amazon deal schedule

The fee is set up by Amazon and can change depending on the date on which your Deal runs. The weeks with higher fees are a time period during which customer traffic to Amazon is significantly higher, leading to greater exposure and potential sales for your Deal.

They will charge the fee after a deal runs on its scheduled date and time.


8. Setup your Product Details and Pricing.

Deal Price is the Maximum that you can set for your Price. You can’t set more than what Amazon indicates as well as the “Quantity For Deal“.


9. Once you have everything is final, click the “Submit” button below.

amazon deal pricing


10. To check if the deal that you set is successful, click the Upcoming and Active section on the left side.

amazon deal active

This is where you should see your deal that’s will be launching soon.


11. Recently ended is well, the deals that just ended.

amazon deal ended



You may cancel a proposed deal at any time; however, it is advisable that you cancel your deal at least 25 hours before the start time to avoid paying a fee and to avoid being blacklisted from creating Lightning Deals in the future. Upcoming Lightning Deals will be visible to customers on Amazon 24 hours before the deal is scheduled to run and can be found on the Upcoming Deals page. If you ever need to cancel your deal, do so before it becomes visible to customers.


Amazon does not guarantee sales from running a Lightning Deal, nor provides refunds if your deal doesn’t perform well. You will not receive a refund if you sell 0 units or only a few units. Additionally, running a Lightning Deal does not guarantee that you’ll win the Buy Box.


And those are the basics that you need to know about Amazon Lightning Deal.



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