How to Create a Listing Template on eBay

With the help of eBay templates, you can make the listing process faster and easier. Templates are designed for eBay sellers with Stores, especially those that list a considerable number of items for sale or auction. With eBay’s listing templates you no longer have to start from scratch every time you list an item.


The listing templates also help ensure that you give buyers consistent information across all your listings. Once you have set up a template, it’s easy to revise, rename, or delete it, if you need to make a change. Seller tools on eBay allow you to create templates for different types of listings so that you, as the seller, do not have to enter basic information for every item.



Create a Listing Template

1. The first thing that you need to do is to access your eBay account at


2. Click the Sell link located on the top right portion of the page. 

1 sell link ebay



3. You should see the template selection in this area. Since this is our first time, click the Create a Template button to get started.

 2 ebay-create-template



4. eBay wants you to start selecting a category first. So just click the Search Categories link and type in the item that you are selling. Select the category that best suits your item then click the Submit button. 

3 ebay-create-template


It’s up to you if you would want to add a second category for your item.



5. Add your template name, template title, and subtitles.

 4 ebay-create-template



6. Indicate the UPCs and the Condition of your item


7. Add your Photos. You can just leave this blank if you have different photos for your products. But if you will add a photo, just drag and drop it and it will automatically upload. Please remember that the first photo is going to be the main photo. So just arrange the sequence of your photo.

 5 ebay-create-template



8. Select the Brand of your item and select the additional information that you would want your customer to know before buying your item. 

6 ebay-create-template


9. Add your Item Description. 7 ebay-create-template



10. Setup the selling details. Choose the selling format that you prefer. If you’re selling just one item, then you can do the auction type and set your starting price and buy it now price. You can also choose the Fixed Price and set your buy-it-now price. 

8 ebay-create-template



11. Set the number of items that you are planning to sell or you can specify how many items in lot per quantity.


12. Add your Sales Tax and Return options if applicable.


13. Set up your shipping details. Add the domestic shipping that you want to charge your customer and select the shipping service. Indicate the package weight and dimensions as well.

 9 ebay-create-template



14. Once you’re all set, you can preview the template first then click the Save Template button at the bottom.


You should see a notice informing you that the template is saved. Once you go back to the listing page, you can now choose the template and list your item right away without having to input all of the details all over again.


So that’s how you create a listing template on eBay.



Want us to walk you through it? Watch the video here!



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