How to Create a New Listing on Walmart

New customers are more comfortable buying from an established name like Walmart than from a new website. Selling on Walmart gives you a lot of advantages not to say the unprecedented exposure of your products.

The Walmart listing process is the same whether you are creating a brand new listing or adding yourself to a listing that already exists on In either case, you must provide all of the required listing information. You can use Single Item Setup to quickly set up individual items in Seller Center.

Let’s walk you through on how to do it.



Create a New Listing

1. Access your Walmart store at Just enter your email address and password then click Log In.




2. Once you’re in, click the Add New Item link on top or at the left side under Items & Inventory. 

1 - Create a New Listing on Walmart



3. You should be on the Item Create Page. Our goal here is to fill out all of the required items. So as a start, fill out the Item Name, Item Identifier and select the Category.

 2 - Create a New Listing on Walmart



4. Next is to add an image. Click the Edit Image Link and you will be taken to the Imagery & Media tab. Click the Add Image button and select your image. 

3 - Create a New Listing on Walmart


You should see a green check on the tab once you have completed the required field.



5. Next is the Item Content. The required items for this tab are the SKU, Description and the Brand. So fill them out. You should have a green check on the tab after.  

4 - Create a New Listing on Walmart


There are recommended attributes below which are recommended that you fill them up with useful information that you want your customer to know about your product.




6. The last one is the Offer Tab. Indicate the price of your item as well as the Shipping Weight and the Product Tax Code. Those 3 are the only ones that are required on this tab. It’s up to you if you wanted to add a Minimum Advertised Price or add a site start and end date.



7. Once you’re all set and all 3 tabs has a green check, you should see the Submit button below. Just click it and you’re good to go.



Your product may take a couple of minutes before it will show up on On the manage items, you can click the View Onsite to see how your product appears on Walmart.


So there you have it. That is how you create a new listing on Walmart.



Want us to walk you through it? Watch the video here!



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