How to Create New Multiple Listings on eBay

eBay allows you to post your listing in bulk on their platform. Creating new listings in bulk is a great way to create lots of listings at once that have similar settings when you don’t have an existing listing to copy. You can quickly enter the information that’s the same across all the listings and then for each draft, enter the unique information.

Now let’s walk you through on how to do it.



Create New Multiple Listings

1. Log in to your eBay Sellerhub account at




2. Once you’re in, click the Listing Tab

1 -add-new-multiple-listing-ebay



3. Click the Create Listing on the right and select Multiple Listing on the drop-down.



4. Indicate the number of new listings that you wanted to have. 



5. On the Listing Details, indicate the title of your Listing. Then select the appropriate category. eBay will automatically detect your title and suggest the category that is appropriate for your listing. It’s up to you if you wanted to add a second category. 

 2 -add-new-multiple-listing-ebay



6. Click the Create Variation button to create a variation for your product. For this example, since this is a shoe, we’ll just choose a different size. 

3 -add-new-multiple-listing-ebay


  • So choose the attributes of your product. For this example, we’ll just choose 2 sizes.
  • Add the picture of your listing.
  • Enter the Prices of your listings as well as the SKUs and UPCs.
  • Then click the Save and Close button.



7. One of the required fields is Brand and Style. So just select the appropriate brand and style for your listing. Don’t forget to add information on the recommended fields. This will help you a lot in ranking up the search results.



8. Enter your Item Description. 

4 -add-new-multiple-listing-ebay



9. For the Selling Details

5 -add-new-multiple-listing-ebay


  • Indicate the Format of your listing.
  • Select how long your listing will run.
  • Check the box if you wanted this to be a private listing.
  • Make sure to review the details on your Payment Option because this is how you are paid.
  • Indicate the sales tax if there is and specify your return options.


10. Review and specify your shipping details

6 -add-new-multiple-listing-ebay


  • For this example, we will be doing a flat rate shipping and charge a flat rate for this shipment.
  • It’s up to you if you will be offering international shipping.
  • Indicate the weight and the dimension of your package.



11. You can also promote your listing right then and there to boost your item’s visibility. Just check the box to promote your listing. 

7 -add-new-multiple-listing-ebay



12. Click the Continue Button.



It should then create 3 items. 1 is for the original listing and the other 2 are the new listings that we specified earlier. 

8 -add-new-multiple-listing-ebay



13.  Select the listing on the left and edit it on the right. Just add unique information on how the listings are different. For this example, we are editing the title and adding a new picture.  

9 -add-new-multiple-listing-ebay



14. You can always remove any listing on the list if you won’t be using them.



15. Once you’ve set up everything, click the Submit changes button located at the bottom left.



16. A pop-up will show up with the summary of your listings and the fee associated with it. Just click the Confirm and Submit button to continue.



It will then give you a prompt that your listings are submitted. Since we have scheduled this listing, we should be able to see those listings in the scheduled section. 

10 -add-new-multiple-listing-ebay



We have already created 2 listings using the multiple listing tool. Just do the same exact process when you are adding more.

And that ladies and gents are the steps on how to Create New Multiple Listings on eBay.



Want us to walk you through it? Watch the video here!



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