How to Create a New Shipping Template on Amazon Seller Central

Shipping settings are the delivery options you provide to customers for your seller-fulfilled items.  This includes the regions you ship to, the shipping times you offer and the respective shipping rates.  The delivery options are displayed to the customer at checkout.

The new shipping settings on Amazon promise better control over the delivery promises you make to your customers, the shipping rates you charge at an SKU level and more. Amazon allows you, as a seller, to create and save custom shipping settings in a pre-defined format called a ‘shipping template’. Shipping settings range from ‘Standard’ and ‘Expedited’ to ‘Free Economy’ shipping.  Each set comes with its own unique transit times and shipping costs. These custom settings (or templates) can be applied to specific SKUs that you sell on the marketplace.

We will now walk you through on how to create your first shipping template on Amazon.


Create a New Shipping Template

1. To create a new shipping template, you need to login to your Amazon Seller Central Account. That’s



2. Once you’re in the Seller Central home page, hover your mouse to Settings located on the top-right then select Shipping Settings on the drop-down.



3. On the Shipping Settings Page, you should see a default template which is the Migrated Template. Click the Create New Shipping Template button.



4. You have an option to copy a content from an existing template or just create a new one. Just click the OK button to proceed.



5. Name your shipping template and select the Rate Model. Choose between Per Item and Weight-based or Price Branded.



6. For the Domestic, the shipping types are Free Economy, Standard Shipping, Expedited Shipping, Two-day delivery, One-day delivery, and Same-day delivery. Check the shipping type that you wanted to include and uncheck those you don’t want. Just hit the OK button, once it gives you a prompt.


7. Select the Transit Time for each shipping type. Please be advised that this transit time may also be the turning point for your customers.transit-time

It can increase or decrease your chance of winning the buy box. Just imagine how would you feel if the shipping took very long and you have paid for the item. If you also have the least transit time, you have a higher chance of showing up on top of the search results compared to your other competitors who have a longer transit time.


8. Indicate your shipping fee per order and per pound. Again, the total shipping fee would be the amount per item plus the amount per pound.


Please make sure that you place a reasonable amount on your shipping fees because this also plays its part in winning the buy box.


9. You can also add a new shipping rule by clicking the Add New Shipping Rule button. You can select a different region that you want to include on your shipping type.



10. Once you are done with your Shipping setup, click the Save button, located at the bottom.



You should see the new shipping template, right below your first template. Now that you have your new template, you can now offer your customers a lot of flexible shipping options.



So there you have it, that is how you Create a New Shipping Template on Amazon Seller Central.



Want us to walk you through it? Watch the video here!



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