How to Create a Segment on Klaviyo

One of the best ways to generate more engagement and more revenue out of your emails is to segment your audience. The segmentation tool helps you create super-targeted email campaigns based on your visitors and customers’ behaviors, such as what they looked at on your online store, abandonment at any stage of the buying process and much more.

Unlike traditional subscriber lists, segments are groupings of contacts defined by a set of conditions. Lists are static, meaning they grow as people subscribe or are manually added. Segments, on the other hand, are dynamic, meaning they grow as people meet the segment’s conditions and shrink as people no longer meet them.


Create a Segment on Klaviyo

1. Login to your Klaviyo account at




2. Once you’re in, click the List & Segment section on the left side. This is where you should see all of the lists and segments that you have created previously.

 1 klaviyo-list-segment-csv



3. To get started, click the Create List / Segment button. 

1 -klaviyo-create-segment



4. Choose Segment among the options. 

2 -klaviyo-create-segment



5. Name your Segment and add a tag. If you don’t see the appropriate tag, then just type in the tag and click the Create New Tag option. Then make sure to put a check on the new tag. 

3 -klaviyo-create-segment



6. The next thing that we need to do is to define our segment. Click the drop-down to select a condition. The conditions that you can select are:

 4 -klaviyo-create-segment

  • What someone has done (or not done) – where, you can choose from any activity tracked by Klaviyo.
  • Properties about someone – this is where you can choose to segment based on attributes associated with profiles in your account
  • If some is or is not in the EU (GDPR) – This option allows you to exclude people from the EU from a particular segment if you haven’t collected GDPR compliant consent.
  • Someone’s proximity to a location – This is when targeting customers in the US, EU, or Canada, this option allows you to segment based on a certain radius of a specific zip code.
  • If someone is in or not in a list – You can choose this option if you want to combine two or more lists or create a segment of a specific list.
  • If someone is or is not suppressed – Select this if you want to exclude everyone who is suppressed in your account; this will give you a more accurate count of not only who meets your segment’s conditions, but also which profiles are email-able.
  • Predictive analytics about someone  Will allow you to segment based on CLV or (Customer Lifetime Value) or predicted gender, which in turn can help you identify customers who are likely to become repeat purchasers, who are not likely to purchase again and more.

For this example, we will be using What someone has done (or not done) since this is for the thank you purchase.


7. Choose the metrics for your conditions.


8. The next thing that we will tackle is the OR and AND connector.

 5 -klaviyo-create-segment


Using the AND connector between conditions will make a segment more exclusive. This means that when you add another condition using the AND connector, both conditions need to be met before a subscriber is added to this segment. On my example, somebody needs to fulfill an order and needs to be in the US before they will be added to the segment.

Using the OR connector between a sequence of segment conditions will make the segment more inclusive. This means that as long as the subscriber meet either one of the conditions, they will be added to the segment. On this example, a subscriber will be added to the list when they fulfilled an order OR is within the proximity of the certain zip code.

You can add as many connectors as you like and make your segments more inclusive or exclusive.


9. Once you’re all set, you can just click the Create Segment button.

It will then inform you that your segment is still empty and you will be notified once somebody meets the condition that you have set up. When you go back to the List and Segment page, you can expand it and view the conditions of your segment. And that is how you create a segment on Klaviyo.



Want us to walk you through it? Watch the video here!



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