How to Create a Smart Call-to-Action on HubSpot

Consumers are inundated with marketing messages every day. A constant barrage of videos, images, and text promise solutions to every possible problem. The result? An audience primed for decision fatigue. And a frustrated, confused reader is far less likely to become a paying client.

This simple directive statement tells your prospective client what to do and where to go next, making the user journey crystal clear. An effective call-to-action eliminates confusion, allowing your website visitor to take the appropriate next steps. That might be to visit a certain page or to book a call, or to read a specific article.

Every CTA serves as a leverage point for your needs as a business. So let us walk you through on how to do it.


Create a Smart Call-to-Action

1. Login to HubSpot and go to the Main Dashboard. Click the Marketing Tab and hover your mouse to the Lead Capture on the drop-down then select CTAs.

1 hubspot-marketing-tab-cta


2. It should take you to the Call-To-Action page. You should see the all the CTAs that were created on this list. Let us start creating one by clicking the Create CTA button located on the upper-right.

2 cta-page-hubspot-1




The Simple CTA window should be on the right side. So you need to create a Simple CTA first before you can make it smart. The first part of this page is where you can see how the CTA appears. You can either create your own custom button thru this wizard or upload an image.

3 simple-cta-design-hubspot


3. The button content is where you can change the contents. When you make the edit, the changes will apply right away.


4. You can also change the button style by clicking the drop-down and you can also change the color. The customization is limited on this one so if you want to design a complicated button then you can always use the Image button.


5. You can also change the size of the button my expanding the Advanced Options.


6. After you are done designing your button, click the Next button below.




4 simple-cta-options-hubspot


7. Change the internal name of this CTA. You can name it anything.


8. For the URL redirect type, there are 4 options. You can choose External Website URL and indicate the website on where you want to direct your customers, you can also choose a HubSpot page that you already created. Meeting link is for your customers to be directed to any of your website features such as customer service or a chat support and File link is to automatically download a file.

5 URL-direct-type


9. Choose the campaign that you want this CTA to be linked.


10. After you have set everything up, click the Save button.



Convert Simple CTA to Smart CTA

It will then take you back to the first page but there are 3 buttons available at the bottom.



11. Click the Create Smart Version button to make your Simple CTA a Smart CTA.


12. Set up the rules of your CTA trigger. Select the rules type and configure it. You can set up this CTA to be exclusive for a certain device user. You can also set this up based on your visitor’s demographic location.

7 smart-cta-rules-hubspot


13. It will take you back again to the design phase, just select the Next button.


14. The next page is just going to be the summary, just click the Finish button to finalize the CTA and launch it.

8 cta-created-smart-simple-hubspot


You should see the new CTA on top of the list.

9 test-cta-created


So that is how you Create a Smart Call-to-Action.


Want us to walk you through it? Watch the video here!



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