How to Create a Smart Form on a Website or Landing Page on HubSpot

A lot of things are getting smart today, not only mobiles but also websites. There are a couple of things that you can set to be smart in HubSpot and one of this is the Forms. Using a smart form module will allow you to change an entire form depending on your website visitor and their particular viewer characteristics.

You can create different forms in HubSpot and you can turn all of this into a smart form. Since there are different types of a website visitor, you may need to have a different approach for them. You can customize the smart form to change the entire form based on how your customer had interacted to your website.

A smart form is not that hard to set up, let us walk you through it.


Create a Smart Form

1. Login to your HubSpot account at



2. Once you are in, click the Marketing tab on top, hover your mouse to the Website on the drop-down and select Landing Page.

 1 marketing-tab-website


3. We need to access the page builder for us to create a new form. You can either create a new landing page by clicking the Create Landing Page button on top or edit an existing page by clicking the Edit button on the page list.

2 create-landing-page 


4. You can either edit an existing form on the page and make it smart or add a new form. Let us add a new form by clicking the “+” button on the side and click the Form on the selection.

3 Form 


5. On the Content Editor, name your form then click the drop-down and select a form that you wanted to create.

4 make-smart


6. After you have selected the form that you wanted to show on your website, the Make Smartlink will show up in-line with the Content. Click the Make Smart link and a pop-up will appear.


7. Select the characteristics of your website visitor. You can select by Country, Device Type, Referral Source, Preferred Language, Contact List Membership or Contact Lifecycle Stage. For this tutorial, we will select the referral source on Social Media on All Social Sites.

5 make-smart


8. Once you have selected your criteria, click the Create button.


9. To add more rules, click the Content Drop-down and select Add Rule.

6 add-rule


10. Setup your Smart Rule. In this case, I need to select a referral source type and the type of social media. Click the Add button once you have set up the criteria

7 add-smart-rule


11. Choose what form would show up if the criteria are met.


12. If you want to check and edit the form you can always click the Edit button right below the form drop-down. You would notice that when you select a different rule, the forms will change accordingly.


13. Once you are done with the setup, scroll down to the bottom and you can either click the Apply button to apply the changes or click the Save and go to module list button so you can add a different content on your Page.

8 save-module-list


Once you publish this page, the smart form will take effect. So that’s it. That is how you create a smart form on your website or landing page on HubSpot.



Want us to walk you through it? Watch the video here!



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