How to make your Email Subject line Smart on HubSpot

HubSpot is very versatile. Not only that you can make a form smart, but you can also make an email subject line smart. We all want to feel special and with this HubSpot feature, you can make your customers feel that way.


No matter what they say, people do judge emails by their subject lines. While they may seem like a small part of your message, they’re one of the very first impressions you have on your email recipients. And they’re a marketer’s ticket for standing out in a crowded inbox.


Now let us walk you through on how to personalize your email subject line for different customer types.


Make your Email Subject line Smart

1. Login to your HubSpot account at



2. On the HubSpot dashboard, click the Marketing tab on top and select Email on the drop-down.

1 marketing-tab-email


3. You can either create a new email by clicking the orange Create Email on the top right or click the Edit button on an email.

2 edit-email


4. Click the Settings tab on top.

3 make-smart-button


5. On the Subject Line, click the button beside the smiley.


6. Select between Contact List Membership or Lifecycle Stage. Contact List Memberships are those lists that you already established but if this is for new customers or website visitors, then select the Lifestyle Stage.

4 lifecycle-stage


7. Click the Select Some Options to open the drop-down then select the type of customer and click the Next Step button.

5 lifecycle-smart-rule


8. The next step is to set up the rules. Edit the subject line for the first rule. Click the Personalize button on the left to customize it.

6 edit-smart-rules


9. Choose the token then click the Insert button.

7 personalization-token


For this example, we will select the First Name. With this format, I set it up to be “Hi customer name! Thanks for subscribing!“. So this is for the subscriber rule.

8 smart-rules-set


9. Add a new smart rule by clicking the link. It should add another rule and customize it like what you did on step 8. You can add as many rules as you like.


10. Customize the last text field which is the default subject line. This is the subject line that will appear in the recipient or the visitor did not meet the rule.


11. Once you have set it up, click the Done button below.


You will notice that the subject line will display the default one. You can also see 2 smart rules that were set up. When you click the Preview button, you will also see the default subject line.

10 preview-email


Now everything is set up. Once you launch the email, the smart subject line should take effect.

So that ladies and gents are the steps on how to make your Email Subject line Smart on HubSpot.



Want us to walk you through it? Watch the video here!



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