How to Export a List or Segment on Klaviyo

As marketers, you need quick and easy access to your data to help you make the best possible marketing decisions. Sometimes this means pulling profile data so you can understand who you’re targeting and why. Whatever the reason, you should have the ability to export just the profile data that are relevant to your purpose.

In Klaviyo, you can export any list or segment to a CSV file from the Lists & Segments tab of your account. You can access exports from the last 30 days by navigating to the Downloads tab from your Account Page. Please be advised that only Klaviyo users with the Owner or Admin role have the ability to export lists or segments.

Now let’s walk you through how to export a list.


Export a List or Segment

1. Login to your Klaviyo account at




2. Once you’re in, click the List & Segment section on the left side. This is where you should see all of the lists and segments that you have created previously. 

1 klaviyo-list-segment-csv



3. Choose a List or Segment that you wanted to export. 

1 export-contacts-klaviyo



4. This is where you should see all the contacts associated with this List or Segment. Click the Manage List button located at the top-right of the page and select Export to CSV on the drop-down.


5. Choose the properties that you wanted to export. You can also check the first checkbox to select all of the properties. 

2 export-contacts-klaviyo



6. After you have selected your properties, click the Start Export button on the top-right.


The export process can take several minutes, depending on the size of the list or segment. If you don’t see the export file appear immediately, within several minutes you should see the file appear as a download in your browser.


You can now open and edit your exported CSV file from Klaviyo. When you go back on Klaviyo, you can view the history of Exports. Just click the Manage List button and select View my Exports on the drop-down. All of the exports that you did on Klaviyo should appear here. '

3 export-contacts-klaviyo


That’s everything that you need to know in exporting a file on Klaviyo.



Want us to walk you through it? Watch the video here!



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