How To Fulfill and Create a Shipping Label for your Order on Shopify

Shipping labels provide key information to each actor of your supply chain to move your package from one hand to another, from the warehouse to your customer’s doorstep. A shipping label is always needed when you need to ship an item. You can acquire this by buying it from a courier company such as UPS, FedEx or USPS. If you’re going to be consistently shipping packages (daily or weekly), then it is recommended you use a 4”x6” label as well. It’s the industry standard and is supported by all major shipping carriers.

Shipping is a major pain point for most of the entrepreneurs. Packages blocked at the customs, delays and mistakes, extra fees. A way to limit issues is to properly take care of your shipping labels. These little sticky papers are one of your keys to better logistics. Now let us walk you in navigating through Shopify in creating a shipping label for a confirmed order.

Create a Shipping Label

1. What you need to do first is to access the Shopify Admin. Login to your Shopify account at



2. Once you’re in, click the Order section on the left side to access all the orders that were placed on your store.



3. Then Click on the Order Number of the item on where you will be shipping out.


4. On the Order Detail Page, you should notice that this is still an unfulfilled order. Click the blue Create Shipping Label button to start fulfilling an order.



5. As you notice that the “Buy Shipping Label” button is still grayed out. This is because there is required information that we need to fill out. For this example, you should see a yellow notice on the customs information. Just click the Edit Customs Information link. 



Fill in the Red Field. In this case, it is the Weight (per item). Click the Save button to save the information.



6. Next, are the Package and Weight. If you have already specified it on your product, then it will be automatically selected or you can just select it on the drop-down. You can also add a new package size by clicking the Add Package link.



7. Shipping Service is where you will be selecting the shipping service that you wanted to use in sending the package. The Green notice is informing you what package did the customer paid for and by default, it will automatically be selected. It is up to you if you want to select a higher shipping service and help out your customers.



8. Indicate the Shipping Date. This is the date on when you will be sending out the shipment. If you want to email your customer about the shipping details, then make sure to have this box checked.



9. On the Summary, we have 1 Shipping label ready. You can also see the total amount for the shipping. To get a new shipping label, just click the blue Buy Shipping Label button.



10. Now that you have purchased your shipping label, you need to Print and Download it by clicking the links on the green callout.



You will also notice that the status of the item is now changed to Fulfilled from Unfulfilled. Now that you already have purchased a shipping label, you can now stick it to your package and it should be ready for shipping.


And that ladies and gents are the steps on how to Fulfill and Create a Shipping Label for your Order on Shopify.



Want us to walk you through it? Watch the video here!



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