How to Add the Google Ads Conversion Code to Shopify Checkout

Many companies invest a vast portion of their marketing budget into Adwords because it enables them to rank for various search keywords that they are targeting. Google introduced a beta experience for tracking conversions that uses a slightly different tag than you might be used to.

Adwords original vs Beta

Google supports both the beta and the original versions of AdWords tracking. You can check which version you are using by logging in to your AdWords account and looking at the symbol in the top left corner of your AdWords overview page. If it say’s “Beta”, then you are using the beta experience. If it’s just a typical AdWord logo, then you are using the original experience. The tag codes that are generated will be a little different depending on your version of the AdWords experience.

In adding a conversion tag to your Shopify website, you need to get a Google Ads Conversion Tag and add Google Ads Conversion Tag to your Shopify website.

Get a Google Ads Conversion Tag

1. First, you need to login to your AdWords account.

adwords sign in


2. Once you’re in, click the Wrench Icon located in the top right of the page and select  “Conversions” under “Measurement” column.

adwords conversions selection


3. Click the “Plus” button for to add a new Conversion Action

adwords conversion action


4. Select “Website” since this is for your website.

AdWords new conversion action wizard


5. You will then be taken to the “New Conversion Action” wizard on where you will just fill out the missing fields and select the appropriate options that apply to you. Enter your conversion name and select the category. Select the value of your conversion, the count, and the others are not that relevant.


6. So once everything is selected, Click the “Create and Continue” button

new conversion action


7. Select the “Install the tag yourself” option.

Since I want to install the tag my self, I’ll select this “Install the tag yourself” option.


8. Just scroll down to the Global Site Tag section, and copy and paste the Global site tag Snippet in a notepad.

Though it says that “You must install this tag on every page of your website” since we are using Shopify, it automatically applies the Global Site Tag to all of the pages of your website.


9. Next is the Event Snippet. This Event snippet will track conversions when placed on the “Check out” page of your Shopify website. So again, copy paste this into the notepad. Make sure it is below the Global Site Tag. Click "Next" and this completes our Google Ads Conversion Tag.

adwords setup tag


Add Google Ads Conversion Tag

So since we already have the Google Ads conversion tag, we need to attach this to your Shopify website.

1. Login to your Shopify Account

shopify website


2. Once you’re in, click the “Settings” located at the bottom left of the page.


3. Select the “Check Out” option

adwords checkout setting


4. Scroll down to the “Order Processing” Section and under “Additional Scripts” Copy and paste the Google Ads conversion tag.


5. Once you’re all set, click the “Save” button at the top or at the bottom.

adwords checkout

From now on, you can be assured that Google Ads, is going to track all the conversions that come in from your Shopify Website.



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