How to Install a Klaviyo Pop Up Signup Form on Shopify

Klaviyo pop-up is probably new to all of you but this is something that you need to consider. We all know that privy has it’s own pop-up campaigns, but did you know that Klaviyo has one as well? One good thing about just using Klaviyo pop-up campaign is that it will sync directly to a list and start your email campaign right away. So there is no need for you to link your Klaviyo on any other website just to sync your lists. If you haven’t set any pop-up campaigns yet, then it is much better if you use Klaviyo right away.


Create a Klaviyo Pop-up Signup Form on Shopify

What we need to do first is to get a Sign-up form code for Shopify.


1. On your Klaviyo Dashboard, click the “Sign-up Forms” section on the left side.

We already have created a Test Pop-up Sign up form.


2. Click the “Install Code Snippet” button on the top right then Klaviyo will give you a pop-up of showing the code.


3. Click on the code and copy it.

klaviyo form code snippet


4. Go to your Shopify Online Store Admin then click the “Actions” drop-down and select Edit Code.

shopify edit code


5. On the search field, type “theme.liquid” then select the file on the result.


6. You will see a bunch of codes here but what we need to do is to scroll down to the bottom and look for the Closing Body Tag

shopify theme.liquid


7. Just right above the closing body tag is where we are going to enter our Sign-up Forms Code. So press enter to give it some space and Paste the code.


8. Now that you see the code in there, click the “Save” button to save your changes.

You can verify that the pop-up is already installed by visiting your Shopify store website. If you see the pop-up then it is already set. You also can verify this by going back to your Klaviyo and paste the URL of your Shopify Store website. If successful, it should give you a green confirmation.

klaviyo pop-up success


So those are the steps in Creating a Klaviyo Popup Signup Form on Shopify



Want us to walk you through it? Watch the video here!

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