How to Install a Privy Pop Up on Shopify

Install Privy on Shopify so you can easily create a call-to-action in capturing email addresses of your visitors on your Shopify Website.


A big part of any marketing campaign should be your email activity. Maximizing the size of your email list means you’ll have a wider list of customers to market to. Privy provides your store with a targeted, customized email signup popup. While you may be reluctant to add popups to your store, when done well and targeted at the right customers, an email registration popup like this can perform well.


Privy allows you to trigger popups based on certain user actions, offer discount codes and even target only certain visitors. So let us use Privy in the run-up in building your email list.


Before we start, you need have an account in Privy first and you need to have a pop-up campaign setup. If you haven’t done it yet, then, you might want to do it first. We have a tutorial for that.


To Install Privy on Shopify

1. You need to sign-in to your account on Shopify, and on your Shopify admin, click the Apps section located on the left side.


2. On the Apps page, click the “Visit Shopify App Store” button

shopify apps section


3. On the App Store, search for Privy on the search field located on the upper right.

shopify install privy


4. On the Privy page, click the green “Get


5. It will give you a prompt that you are about to install Privy. Just click the “Install App” button to start the installation.

shopify install privy app


Shopify will direct you to the Campaigns on Privy Website. If you’re not signed in then it will ask you to sign in first. This is where you can view here your pop-up campaigns. After the installation, Privy will automatically launch your pop-up campaign as long as this campaign is active.

privy campaigns


If you check on your Shopify apps, you can already see that Privy is installed.

shopify privy installed


To Verify if Pop-up Campaign is working

On my end, I have my Shopify store opened. This was opened before Privy was installed. Now I will open this page on a private window. As you can see that I have 2 hanging tabs. One is located on the top left of the Page and the other one is located on the Top Right.

shopify privy working

I have set it in a way that it will trigger if you have scrolled 50% of the page. The pop-up will also trigger when you click the tab. Each of my tabs has a corresponding campaign. You can place as many campaigns on your website. Just make sure that you won’t be blocking any links or feature that your site have.


Remove Privy on your Shopify Website

If it will come a time that you would want to remove your pop-up campaigns on Privy because you want to switch to a different company, then all you need is to uninstall Privy


To uninstall privy:

1. On your Shopify Admin Page, click the “Apps” section located on the left side.


2. Click the “Trash” button inline with Privy.


3. Although it is optional, I recommend that you give them a feedback before you completely uninstall them. Then, click the red “Uninstall” button to completely uninstall it.

shopify uninstall privy

You will then receive a green callout indicating that Privy has been successfully uninstalled on your Shopify account.


So those are the basics that you need to know about installing your Privy account with Shopify.



Want us to walk you through it? Watch the video here!

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