How to Integrate a Klaviyo With Shopify

For those of you who don’t know what Klaviyo is, it is an SAAS platform that allows eCommerce marketers to effectively and efficiently target, personalize, monitor and optimize their marketing campaigns.


It is also an email marketing reinvented for E-commerce stores on Shopify, Bigcommerce, and Magento. From personalized newsletters to automated emails like abandoned carts, order follow-ups and personalized thank you’s, Klaviyo makes it easy for stores to set up great email marketing without the need for expensive systems and lots of people.


To Integrate Klaviyo Account With Shopify:

1. You need to prepare 3 tabs, your Klaviyo Account, your Shopify Admin and your Store website at Shopify.


2. Click the “Integrations” at the left side of your Klaviyo Dashboard.


3. Then Search for Shopify on the “Name Includes” field and Select Shopify.

klaviyo add integration


4. On the Shop URL field, paste your Shopify store website URL and click “Connect to Shopify” button.

klaviyo connect shopify

You’ll be directed to the Shopify website


5. Click “Install App” button to install the app on your Shopify account.


You will then receive a callout on your Klaviyo Integrations that the Integration is successful. If you have a lot of data to sync, you will see a progress bar on the Recent Data area.


To Add a Web-Tracking on Your Shopify Website:

When you integrate Klaviyo to Shopify, you can also add a Web Tracking Feature on Shopify with Klaviyo. Web-tracking system uses browsing behavior and helps target people who meet specific criteria. Klaviyo makes it easier for marketers to use existing segments to target Ad campaigns, events, custom attributes, and properties that can be used to personalize emails.


1. On your Klaviyo Account, click your Account Name Located on the Top Right corner of the Page and select “Setup Wizard

klaviyo setup


2. On the Setup Wizard, change the URL. Replace Welcome with web-tracking.

klaviyo setup wizard



3. This first Snippet is for the “theme.liquid” Layout. Click and Copy the first Snippet.

klaviyo theme.liquid


4. Go to your Shopify Admin, and select Online Store located on the left side.


5. Under the Debut area, click the “Actions” drop-down and select “Edit Code”

shopify edit code


6. On the Search Field, look for “theme.liquid” and select it

On the left side, you will see the snippet editor for theme.liquid, don’t panic,


7. We just need to scroll to the bottom and look for the Closing Body Tag </body>

shopify theme.liquid


8. Paste your code just above that Tag and click the “Save” Button



9. Go back to your Klaviyo Web-Tracking Wizard


10. The second Snippet is for the “product.liquid” Layout. Click and Copy the second Snippet.

klaviyo product.liquid


11. On the Search Field, look for “product.liquid” and select it.


12. On the snippet editor, scroll down to the bottom and after all the code, just copy and paste the second snippet.

shopify product.liquid


13. Click the “Save” button to confirm the changes.



After all the code has been added, let us double check if the web-tracking feature was added to your Shopify Store.


14. Go back to your Klaviyo Web-Tracking Wizard


15. Paste your Shopify Store URL in the Third Field and Click the “Next” button beside it.

klaviyo verify

There will then be a status that Klaviyo is Waiting for your Data at the bottom.


16. Click the Link Provided in the 3rd Section and you will be taken to your Shopify Store Website.


17.  Go back to the Klaviyo Web-Tracking Wizard, if you see a green button that says “Data Received. Continue” then you’re good to go.

klaviyo verified

You now know how to integrate Klaviyo to Shopify and have added a web-tracking feature to your Shopify store for your visitors.


Those are the steps on how to Integrate Klaviyo Account With Shopify. 



Want us to walk you through it? Watch the video here! 

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