How to Integrate MailChimp to WordPress

Any person who is marketing any product or service online understands the value of an email list. It refers to a list of potential consumers for your product or service collected diligently over a period of time. The marketing automation platform, MailChimp, is a great aid in building an email list, growing a consumer base and directing all marketing efforts to this highly relevant audience.

An email list is an important asset to any website. It is a readily available, customized market for your product or service. A high-quality list can mean better conversion rates. MailChimp helps you build this list and is an important marketing tool in the kitty of any digital marketer. It helps store owners find their audience, engage with them and build their brand. Using MailChimp you can create beautiful newsletters, run professional automated marketing campaigns, and track and test each campaign.

Now let us walk you through on the first step of your MailChimp and WordPress journey.


Integrate MailChimp to WordPress

What we need to do first is to access and install the MailChimp plugin to your WordPress site. 

1. Access the admin page to your WordPress site. It should be like

 1 wordpress-login


2. Once you’re in the WordPress dashboard, hover your mouse to the Plugins section on the left and select Add New on the options.


3. What we need to look is the MailChimp for WordPress brought by iberycode. Just click the Install button and after it’s installed, click the Activate button. 

2 mailchimp-integrate-wordpress


4. Now that it’s activated, the plugin shortcut will appear on the left side. Just hover your mouse to the MailChimp plugin and select MailChimp on the options. 

5. You will be taken to the general settings on where it will be asking for your MailChimp API. 

3 mailchimp-integrate-wordpress


6. To get your MailChimp API, log in to your account at

4 mailchimp-login


7. Once you’re in the MailChimp dashboard, click your Account Name on the top right and select Account on the drop-down. 

5 mailchimp-integrate-wordpress


8. On the Account page, click the Extras tab and select API keys on the drop-down.


9. Scroll down to the API Keys. If you don’t have any API keys, then you can just click the Create a Key button and it will automatically generate one. Copy your API key

6 mailchimp-integrate-wordpress


10. Go back to your WordPress and Paste the API key then click Save Changes. 

7 mailchimp-integrate-wordpress


If successful, then you should be able to see the Connected Status. Right below the MailChimp Account will show all of the lists that you have on your MailChimp. So now that you have connected your MailChimp account, you will now have the capability to make the most out of MailChimp.


Want us to walk you through it? Watch the video here!





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