How to Integrate Twitter With MailChimp

MailChimp offers several tools marketers can use to integrate Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites into their email campaigns and online marketing strategies. Auto-tweet and URL-shortening features automatically shorten the links to users’ email campaigns and then post to Twitter for them as soon as their campaigns are sent. Then, MailChimp will track how many times the campaign was tweeted and retweeted and by whom, adding the data to users’ reports dashboard.

Please be advised that you can only connect one Twitter account at a time.

To Integrate Twitter with MailChimp

Login to your Twitter account and to your MailChimp account.


1. Again, Sign in to your MailChimp account,

mailchimp login

2. Click your Account Name on the Top Right and select “Account” on the drop-down.

mailchimp dashboard

3. Select “Integrations” Tab on the Account page.


4. Click the Twitter integration and select the List that you want to connect. Then, Click the “Connect” button.

mailchimp integrate twitter

5. MailChimp will direct you to Twitter and it will ask you to authorize the MailChimp app. Just click the Authorize App button.

mailchimp authorize twitter

6. Twitter will direct you back to MailChimp. If successful it will give you a Green Callout stating that your twitter is connected to your MailChimp already.

mailchimp twitter callout

Now that you have linked your account, you can already create an email campaign and post it on twitter right away.


Posting on Twitter with Mailchimp

After you integrate Twitter to your MailChimp, you can already tweet on Twitter using MailChimp. Let us create a new email campaign and check the post on twitter. I’ll skip to the Twitter section. For those of you who don’t know how to create a campaign on MailChimp, we have a tutorial for that.


So I have edited the recipients, the “From” section, added a subject and added a content to my email. Right below the content, you should see the “Connect to Twitter” link, click it and it will direct you to twitter. Click the “Authorize App” button and Twitter will direct you back to MailChimp. 


Now that you’re on MailChimp, instead of the connect Twitter link, it already has the switch. Turn on the switch and edit your tweet. Add a caption and make sure to retain the *|URL|*. Add your photos, I recommend using the same photos you have used in your content. Once you’re all set, click the “Save” button and Click the “Send” button located on the top right to send your campaign. On the pop-up window, click the “Send Now” button to confirm and send your campaign. The next page is the High Fives confirmation and this means that MailChimp has posted it on Twitter as well.

mailchimp twitter campaign


Go to your Twitter and you should see the post.

twitter mailchimp tweet


To Unlink MailChimp and Twitter

In the future, if you want to change your Twitter account you can do that by unlinking your Twitter,


1. On your MailChimp Dashboard, click your Account Name on the Top Right then, select “Account” on the drop-down.

mailchimp dashboard


2. Select the “Integrations” Tab on the Account page.


3. Select the Twitter icon below then, click the Disconnect link, beside the “Test Connection” button.

Mailchimp twitter disconnect


And you’re all set! If you wanted to link to a different account, just make sure to sign in to the twitter account that you wish to integrate and follow the process of integrating.


So those are the basics on How to Integrate Twitter with MailChimp.



Want us to walk you through it? Watch the video here!

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