How to Integrate Klaviyo With Your Facebook Business Ad Manager

Klaviyo helps eCommerce marketers make more money through super-targeted, highly relevant email and advertising campaigns. The platform makes it easy to pull in important data from your e-commerce platform and website – then put that data to work to personalize your marketing content, target your campaign, review your results and optimize performance.


One example of this is in integrating your Klaviyo with your Facebook Business Ad Account. You can sync lists and segments to your Facebook Business Manager as Custom Audiences so that you can advertise to these subscribers, as well as create lookalike Audiences. But take note that only Facebook users with admin permissions will be able to manage lead ads and custom audiences.


Add the Facebook Advertising Integration

What we need to do first is to add the Facebook Advertising Integration. Please sign in to your Facebook Business Manager account and to your Klaviyo account.


1. On your Klaviyo Dashboard, click the Integrations section on the Left side.

klaviyo fb integrate


2. Select the “All Integrations” tab then, search for Facebook Advertising.


3. Select Facebook advertising then, Klaviyo will take you to the Authorization Page.

klaviyo authorize fb


4. Click the “Authorize with Facebook Advertising” button then, it will direct you to Facebook.


Since you are logged in on Facebook, It will automatically ask you to approve Klaviyo.


5. Click the “Continue As” button then, click the “OK” button so Klaviyo can manage your ads and your pages.

Facebook will take you back to Klaviyo on where you will be selecting the Ad account.


6. Click the Drop-down then, select the Facebook Business Manager Ad Account that you want to connect and click “Connect to Facebook Advertising” Button.

klaviyo fbm ad account


It will then give you a callout that the settings have been updated and there will be an additional option on where you can select a Facebook Page.


7. On the Facebook Page section, click the drop-down then, select the Facebook page that you want to connect. Click the “Update Facebook Advertising Settings” button to save the changes. Again, you can only select the page on where you are an admin.

klaviyo fbm page


Sync a List or Segment to a Custom Audience of your Facebook Business Ad Account

Now that we have Connected your Facebook Business Manager Ad account and your Klaviyo, let us sync existing lists and segments in Klaviyo to Facebook as advertising audiences.


1. Click the “List & Segments” section on the left side, then select the list that you want to sync.


2. Click the Settings tab. You should see Facebook Advertising on the lower right. This section is not available if you haven’t connected both accounts yet.


3. Under Facebook Advertising, click the “Choose an Audience to Sync With” link then a pop-up window will open.

klaviyo fbm select audience


4. If you have created an audience on Facebook then it will show up on the list, but if not, like in my case, I need to create a new Audience. Click “Create new Audience” and name your Audience then, click the “Sync with Audience” button.


5. If this is your first time, then you will get this red notice. This means that we need to accept the Facebook Business Terms of Service. Click on the “Here” link which is the last word of the notice then it will take you to Facebook Business Manager Custome Audience Terms.

klaviyo notice fbm


6. On the Facebook Business Manager Custome Audience Term, click the “Accept” button on the upper left.

klaviyo fbm custom audience terms


7. Go back to Klaviyo and refresh the page. Under Facebook Advertising, click the “Choose an Audience to Sync With” link again then a pop-up window will open.


8. Click “Create new Audience” and name your Audience one more time then, click the “Sync with Audience” button.



Change Audience and Delete a Synced Audience

1. You can easily change the audience by clicking the “Change Audience” link on the Facebook Advertising area.


2. A page will pop-up and it’s up to you if you would want to create a new audience or, select one from the list.


3. If you want to remove or delete a synced audience then just click the “Delete The Sync” link and it should remove the Synced audience right away.

klaviyo fbm ads


And that ladies and gents are the steps on How to Integrate Klaviyo with your Facebook Business Ad Account.



Want us to walk you through it? Watch the video here!

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