How To Create an Email Campaign on Mailchimp

Have you received an email promotion that says you can save money? How about a special discount of a product in your inbox? We may consider them as spam but these are examples of email campaigns and one of the famous company that does that is MailChimp.


MailChimp is an all-business email marketing tool for sending messages, collecting statistics, and improving performance. Learning to master email marketing is one of the most important things you can do as a small business owner.


Before you can access MailChimp you need to have an account first. Let’s create one.

To Create an account in MailChimp:

1. Visit and click the “Sign Up Free” button located at the top right or in the center.

mailchimp website


2. Fill in your Email, Username, and password.

You can use your email address in your username which is preferred, but if you want your own personalized username, just make sure that there are no special characters. Just follow the guidelines for your password right below the password field.


3. Once you’re all set, Click the “Get Started” button below.

mailchimp register



If successful, you will receive a notice to check your email.

mailchimp check email


4. Access your email and look for the MailChimp email and click “Activate Account

mailchimp email verification


5. You will be taken to a page to confirm that you are not a robot. Just click the “I’m Not A Robot” button to confirm.

mailchimp not a robot

You will be taken to a page where you need to fill in your personal details.


Fill in your Personal Details:

6. Type in your First and Last name then click the “Continue” button.

mailchimp full name


7. Enter the name of your business and your website.

mailchimp business

If you don’t have a website, a FaceBook page or a Twitter account will do.


8. Enter your address and this needs to be an existing mailing address.

mailchimp enter address

Inline with MailChimp’s Terms of Use and anti-spam laws, you need to have an actual address to send emails. You can use a P.O. Box if you don’t have one.


9. Just indicate if your business sells online or not and connect your MailChimp to your Social Media account. It’s up to you if you want to subscribe to them.

mailchimp account ready


10. Finally, click the “Let’s Go!” button to finally create your account.


Now You are in! Let’s Create our first email campaign.

To Create an Email Campaign in MailChimp:

1. On the home page, Click the “Create Campaign” button

mailchimp create campaign


2. Since we are creating an email campaign, select “Create an Email

mailchimp what to create


3. Name your campaign, it can be any name that you wanted.

mailchimp name campaign


You will then be taken to the Email Campaign Creation Wizard. We need to complete all the forms on this wizard.

mailchimp email campaign creation wizard

4. To add a recipient, click the “Add Recipients” button. You will be asked to choose a list that you have.

Since we don’t have any list set up yet, we’ll get back to this later.


5. Click the “Add Form” button and fill in the name of the Sender and the email address on where the recipient can reply. Then click Save.

It can be your company name or any. Just make sure that your recipients can easily recognize this.


6. Add a subject and a snippet. Don’t forget to add an emoji on your subject!


7. And let’s design the content by clicking the “Design Email” button


Design Your Email:

8. You will be taken to a page on where you can select your template.

mailchimp templates


Select either one of the layouts and themes. You can also use your saved templates and previous campaigns if you have one. If you know how to code and design it from scratch, then select the “Code Your Own” option.


Just for the sake of this tutorial, I’ll select “Make an Announcement” on the featured layouts.


This next page is where you can rearrange the content. There are two areas. The left area is the layout area and this is where you can see the content layout and on how it appears. You can also change the layout by dragging the contents.


The right side is the control area. This is where you can find all the resources for your content. This is also where you can change the design, the color, text style, etc. Editing and the rest of the functions are also done in this area.

mailchimp edit design


Edit Your Template

First, let’s add our logo.

8. Click the “Logo Content” in the Layout Area, and as you notice, that the control area, changed its function and asks you to replace the photo.

mailchimp edit email

Once you hit replace, you’ll be taken to the content manager and this is where you will find all the contents of your entire campaigns in MailChimp.


9. Select the appropriate picture and click “Insert” button located on the top right.

mailchimp content manager


The next thing that we will do is to change some text.

10. Click the “Text Box” in the layout and as you notice, the control area changed its function to a text editor.

mailchimp text editor


11. Change your text to whatever you wanted and once you are done, click the “Save & Close” button located at the bottom.

Now let us try uploading photos.


Uploading Photos

12. Click the Grouped photo and on the Control area, click replace on one of the photos.

mailchimp add photo


You will be directed again to the content manager page.


13. Drag and Drop the desired Photo and it will automatically replace the picture in the Layout area and in the Control area.

Recommended photos are 600 by 800 pixels for you not to obliterate inboxes. If it’s more than that, the email file may be too large and there might be a possibility that your recipients won’t receive the email.

Do the same thing with the other pictures.


Adding An HTML Code

This next thing that I want to show is a bit complicated. This is adding an HTML code on the email.

14. Drag and Drop the “Code” content in the Layout Area.

mailchimp add code

I have prepared an HTML countdown timer and you can get one online too.


15. Make sure that the code is selected in the Layout Area and Paste the code in the field given in the Control area.

You will notice that my HTML Countdown Timer is already running in the Layout Area.

mailchimp code


16. Once you are all set with all the contents of your email, Click the “Save and Close” button, located at the bottom right.

Send a Test Email

Reviewing your final output is one of the best practices. Let us send a test email and check the results.

16. On the content area, click the “Send a Test Email” link right below the thumbnail of your content.

mailchimp test email link


17. Fill in the email recipient for your test email, it is up to you if you want to include a personal message and click the “Send Test” button.

mailchimp send test email

Let us check the email. Please take note that if this is your first time receiving a test email from MailChimp, you will usually receive this in your Spam folder. Just make sure to mark this email as “not a spam


The email looks good. Let’s get back to our MailChimp account and send our first email campaign.

mailchimp test email


Creating an Email List

Since we don’t have an email list set up yet, we will add one first.

Let’s finish this email campaign later and save it as a Draft.

18. Click the “Finish Later” link located on the upper part of the page

mailchimp save draft

You will be taken back to the Campaign Dashboard. You can see the drafted campaign listed on this page.


19. To add a “List“, click the section on the top Left

The first list that you can see is just actually a default list that is automatically created and it contains only 1 email. Your email. Let us create one


20. Click the “Create List” button located at the top right of the screen

mailchimp create list


21. Fill in the List details. The List name, email address in which this is where your recipients can reply to, your default “FROM” name and just a simple reminder to inform your recipients about where you got their contact.

mailchimp list details


22. Click the “Save” button  at the bottom once everything is final

The next page is where you can manage your contacts.

mailchimp manage contact

You can either import your contact using a CSV or XLS files or use an integrated service such as Google Contacts, Salesforce, Zendesk and more.


Please be take note that you if you exceed the 2000 contact limit, you may need to upgrade your billing plan.

mailchimp import contacts


Let us manually add a contact.

23. Hover your mouse on the “Add Contact” tab and on the drop-down menu, select “Add a Subscriber

mailchimp add contact


24. Only the email address is required on this form, but if you have your contact’s info then it is much better to add them. You’ll need them to personalize your email.

mailchimp add subscriber


25. Once you have filled out all the details, click the “Subscribe” button at the bottom.

mailchimp subscribers


Send or Schedule your Campaign

Since we already have an email list setup, let us continue with our drafted campaign.

26. To go back, click the “Campaign” tab at the top Right of the page.


27. Click the Drafted Campaign to continue editing

mailchimp campaign


28. Click the “Add Recipients” in line with the “TO” section.

mailchimp add recipients


29. Select the List and if you have added the First and Last name of your contact, you can check “Personalize the “To Field“.

This means that, on the “To Field” of the email, the first and last name will appear instead of the email address.


30. Click the “Save” button to apply the changes.


31. If you want to schedule a campaign, you can click the “Schedule” Button located on the top right.


32. Set the time and the date on when you want this email to be sent then click “Schedule Campaign

mailchimp schedule campaign


You will then receive a confirmation email that this has been scheduled.

mailchimp schedule confirmation


33. You can also click the “Send” button to send the email.

mailchimp send campaign

After you click send, a pop-up window will show up giving you a little summary of the list that you have selected.


34. Then Click the “Send Now” to start sending your email right away.

You will then have a confirmation pop-up and that is how you create an email campaign on MailChimp.

mailchimp send confirmation

And those are the basics that you need to know about starting up your MailChimp email campaign. 



Want us to walk you through it? Watch the video here!


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