How to Promote your Listing on eBay

We all know that eBay is one of the largest online marketplaces in the world. Because of that they face stiff competition but benefit from being exposed to a massive buying audience. This is the reason why promoting your item on eBay is very important in order for you to stand out.

Promoted listings are eBay’s version of a sponsored ad similar to Facebook advertising and give sellers higher search result placement. This is a premium feature and you need to be eligible for this, but the investment is minimal and there are no upfront fees which means that the fees are taken from a percentage of the proceeds of the sales generated by the ads.

Now let’s walk you through on how to do it.


Promote your Product

1. Log in to your eBay Sellerhub account at




2. Once you’re in, Click the Marketing Tab

1 promote-listings-ebay



3. Click the Promoted Listing section on the left side under Advertising. 



4. Scroll down to the Campaigns section and click the Create a New Campaign button. 

2 promote-listing-ebay



5. We will only be promoting a couple of listing so choose Select Listing Individually

3 promote-listing-ebay



6. Look for your product. You can filter your product by categories, price, quantity available, selections and free shipping items. Put a check on the items that you wanted to advertise and click the Set Ad Rate button. 

4 promote-listing-ebay


So ad rate is the percentage of the final sale price, excluding shipping that you are willing to pay to have your listing promoted and eBay only charges that fee if your item sells within 30 days of a click on your ad.



7. By default Trending rates are applied. Trending rates are calculated based on the ad rates for similar items sold by other sellers via promoted listing. 

5 promote-listing-ebay

  • You can also apply a single ad rate, just turn on the switch on top and set the desired ad rate.
  • You can also set them individually by clicking the plus and minus icon.


8. After you finish setting up your ad rates, click the Review button on the bottom right. 

6 promote-listing-ebay



9. The next page is where you will name your campaign. You can also set the dates on when the promotion is active.


10. Once you’re all set, make sure to agree to the promoted listings terms of service and click the Launch button. After you launch your campaign, it may take several hours for your ads to appear on eBay.


When you go back to your inventory, you should that the item is already promoted with the ad rate specified.


So there you have it! That is how you promote your listing on eBay.



Want us to walk you through it? Watch the video here!



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