How to Quick Add a Subscriber to an Existing List on Klaviyo

We all know that if you have a lot of contacts, the easiest way to add all of them is using the upload file on Klaviyo. If you only have a handful of individuals to your list, you can also use the Quick Add option instead. This is way faster for it directly adds the contact to the list, though it has its limitations.

Please be advised to never add contacts to a subscriber list that have not intentionally opted-in -because this is against Klaviyo’s Terms of Service. Klaviyo will automatically keep customers from joining the same list more than once. This means if you are trying to import a file containing subscribers that are already on your list, you will notice that these duplicative records will not get added.

So let’s walk you through where to access the quick add feature.


Quick Add Subscribers to an Existing List

1. Login to your Klaviyo account at



2. Once you’re in, click the List & Segment section on the left side. This is where you should see all of the lists and segments that you have created previously. 

1 import-klaviyo-contacts-csv



3. Choose a List or Segment where you wanted to add your new subscriber.  

1 quick-add-klaviyo-list



4. This is where you should see all the contacts associated with this List or Segment. Click Quick Add link located just on top of the contact list.


5. Enter the details of your contact. Please be advised that an email address is required in order to add a subscriber, after all, Klaviyo is an email service platform. If you have obtained a GDPR consent, then just tick the box and select the method of contact. Once you’re all done, click the Add Subscriber button. 

2 quick-add-klaviyo-list



6. You should see your recently added contact on the top. As you can see, there is no location indicated. When you click on the contact, you should see the contact details, metrics and more. You can edit the information by clicking the Edit link on the Contact Area. 

3 quick-add-klaviyo-list



You can add additional information for fields that are empty. But other means of property is not available for it is only available when you upload a file. You can also add a subscriber one at a time and if you wanted to add a bulk of contacts, then it is recommended to use the upload file method.


So this is pretty much everything that you need to know in using the quick add option in adding subscribers.



Want us to walk you through it? Watch the video here!



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